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LG Styler - Why Are Clothing Damp After the Cycle

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After cycle end, clothes may remain damp for the following reason.?

Wet clothes were loaded.
Too many clothes or too many thick clothes were loaded.
Clothes were left inside the Styler after running a cycle that uses steam.

Try this

Select the right cycle for wet clothes

If your clothes are wet, please select a drying cycle.
The Refresh cycle uses steam, which may lead to an increase in humidity levels within the Styler, potentially impacting its drying efficiency.

If the clothes are thick

If you have thick clothes like jeans or coats, some parts of the clothing may not dry.
Turn such items inside out and run a drying cycle again. (e.g. Drying time of 30 minutes)

If there are too many clothes

The maximum number of clothes per cycle should not exceed 3 tops and 1 bottom for S3** models and 5 tops and 1 bottom S5** models.
Reduce the number of clothes and run the Refresh cycle once more.
Drying performance may be affected if the temperature of the installation location is too high or low.
If that is the case, run the dry cycle once more or load the Styler with one piece of clothing at a time.
The Styler releases steam during operation, which may make the inside of the unit and the rubber door seal damp.
After the cycle ends, wipe the interior and leave the door open to facilitate air circulation and drying.

※ When using the Wool/Knitwear cycle, the clothes may still feel a little damp. This is to prevent fabric damage.

Cycles that use steam
Refresh (normal, heavy, light)
Special Care (suits/coats, wool/knit, sportswear)
Sanitary (All cycles)

When leaving clothes inside the Styler after using a cycle that uses steam

After cycle end, remove the clothes as soon as possible.
If the clothes are left inside the Styler for a long time, they may absorb moisture and become damp.
If the clothes need to stay inside the Styler for a while, please use the Delay Start function.
(e.g. When you want to freshen up clothes overnight and wear them in the morning.)

How to use the Delay Start function
1. Press the Power button to turn on the power.
2. Select the desired cycle.
3. Press the [Delay Start] button to select the desired finishing time.
4. Press the Start/Pause button to start.
Appearance of the power button, course selection button, reservation button, and operation button on the control panel

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