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LG Styler ThinQ Features and Settings

  • Operation

Have you connected your styler to the LG ThinQ app? Want to learn more about what you can do? This article will show you the features and settings you can use with your connected smart appliance.

  1. From the ThinQ main page tap on the styler card.
  2. Once the card loads, tap the more button More button in the upper right hand corner to access the features and settings for your styler.
how to access the feature
  • With your ThinQ connected styler you have the option to start a cycle remotely.

    To run a remote start cycle:

    1. Place clothing into the styler.

    2. Power the styler on.

    3. Press the remote start button for 3 seconds.

    4. Start the remote start course using the ThinQ app on your smart phone.

    Once the Remote Start mode is enabled, you can start a cycle from the LG ThinQ smartphone application. If the cycle is not started, the machine will wait to start the cycle until it is turned off remotely from the application or the Remote Start mode is disabled.

    To disable remote start manually press and hold the remote start button for 3 seconds.

  • Along with the cycles that come standard with your machine using LG ThinQ will allow you to download custom cycles tailored for different items.

    1. Power the styler on.

    2. Press the more button More button at the top right of the styler card in the ThinQ app.

    3. Select the download cycle option

    4. Select a download cycle and press download to styler.

    Only one cycle can be stored on the appliance at a time. Once cycle download is completed in the appliance, the appliance keeps the downloaded cycle until a new cycle is downloaded.

    download cycles
  • With all the cycles available to choose from you may end up with a favorites list of your own. You can add up to 6 cycles to your favorites list to easily select from the cycles you use the most.

    1. Tap the more button More button at the top right of the styler card.

    2. Select manage favorites.

    3. Tap the + icon next to your favorite cycles.

    4. When your machine is in standby you can easily select a favorite cycle from the cycle list.

    manage favorites

  • You can use this feature to keep an eye on how much energy your styler has consumed as well as the number of cycles you have been running.

    energy monitoring tab
  • See a log of the cycles you’ve used in the past. You can tap on one of the logged cycles to learn more detail about the setting used at the time

    cycles used tab
  • Here you can perform a diagnosis of your machine right from within the ThinQ app. This can be useful to help troubleshoot some issues you might have with your smart appliance. Depending on the product you may be able to perform Wi-Fi diagnosis or an audible diagnosis. Press get started and follow the instructions that appear in the app.

    smart diagnosis
  • Here you can control general settings of your connected styler

    1. Edit Nickname - Useful if you have two appliances. You can give each one a custom nickname to easily distinguish between them.
    2. Location - You can assign an appliance to a specific room in your home. This can also be done by choosing manage rooms in the app settings.
    3. Change Network - Use this setting to connect to a different network.
    4. Software Version - View the current installed software of your appliance.
    5. Delete Product - Select this option to remove the product from the ThinQ app.
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