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LG Styler - Troubleshooting Wrinkles Not Being Removed

  • Troubleshooting

Applicable models : S3BER, S3WER, S3RER (All models with names starting with S3)

Causes and Symptoms

  • Clothes are not straightened after using the Styler.
  • Sharp creases do not easily form.

The outcome varies on the selected cycle and type of fabric.

The wrinkle removal effect differs by garment material.

➔ Instead of ironing clothes directly with heating devices, the Styler uses an indirect ironing method involving the use of steam and moving hangers,
akin to using a steam iron. It is therefore difficult to completely remove wrinkles.

How to enhance the effect of wrinkle removal (Or to make sharp creases)
1. Before using the Styler, straighten the clothes using your hands.
2. Make sure to zip up and button up the clothes.
3. For better performance, use the Heavy cycle. (The wrinkle removal or sharp crease effect decreases in the order of Heavy > Normal > Light)
4. For pants, use Pants Crease Care by selecting Downloaded cycle. It is the default cycle for Downloaded cycles. (Exception is made for S3WER)
Comparison of wrinkle removal performance. Styler, steam iron, regular iron in order

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