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LG TV - Connecting a Mobile Phone via PTP

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At a Glance

You can connect your smartphone or PC in two ways: PTP (removable disks) and MTP.
Both protocols support data backup between a smartphone and a PC, but only smartphones supporting PTP can be connected to the TV.

※ MTP connection is not supported by the TV.

  • PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol): Allows the transferring of pictures from a digital camera (smartphone) to a computer or other devices without a device driver.
  • MTP (Media Transfer Protocol): Is a protocol designed for multimedia transfer.

Try This

Is your smartphone connected to the TV via a USB cable?

➔ Please follow the instructions below.

① Connect your smartphone to the USB port of your Smart TV.

Image that connects TV and smartphones using USB ports

② Scroll down the top of the screen to display the top menu and select Transfer Photos and Videos (PTP).

Images that select Photo and Video Transfer (PTP) in the mobile phone settings

③ Press the Home button on the TV remote and select Photos & Videos.

Images that select photos & video from the TV's home menu

④ Select a USB-connected device from Photos & Videos to view photos and videos from the device.

Images on the TV screen that appear by selecting the Photo & Video menu

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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