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LG TV - How to Set Up the LG ThinQ App on Your LG Smart TV

  • Operation

At a Glance

With ThinQ set up on your LG Smart TV, you can control the TV, launch apps, share content, and much more from your mobile phone.

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Make sure both your smartphone and TV are connected to the same network. For Wi-Fi connection, make sure that both are connected to the same 2.4 GHz network.

Try This

  1. Download the LG ThinQ app.

    If you need to download the ThinQ app, select your device below:
    Android Download iOS Download
  2. Launch the ThinQ App

    • For the initial set up, you have to log in to the app with an LG account.
    • We advise you to use a Google account if you want to use Google Assistant voice control, or an Amazon account if you want to use Alexa voice control.
    • Accept Terms of Use and Sign In.
    Screenshot of Terms and Conditions agreement page
  3. Add the TV.

    1 On the ThinQ app press the Add a Device button to add your device.

    ThinQ App Home Screen Screenshot with Add a Device button image highlighted

    2 Select TV from the product list.

    ThinQ App Add a Device Page Screenshot

    3Select your TV from the available devices list.

    ThinQ App Device Selector Screenshot

    4Enter the code that displays on the TV screen into your phone and follow the on screen prompts to complete linking your TV in the ThinQ app.

    TV screenshot showcasing verification code

    You will have to link your account for managing IoT devices. During this process it will ask for additional policies and agreements to be accepted. This step is required for controlling your TV by voice through a smart speaker.

  4. Controlling the TV.

    Select the TV in the ThinQ app to see all the available controls.

    Image of home screen of ThinQ App where device is listed

    These controls are similar to the controls on the LG Magic Remote. You can select the TV input, change the volume, change the channel, move the pointer, use the scroll function or use the arrow buttons and OK button, and more.

    Image of home screen of ThinQ App where device is listed
  5. Power On/Off the TV.

    LG TV models with WebOS 3.5 and later, can be turned on and off using the ThinQ app. For older webOS versions only the power-off function is available.

    For Android phones, you can use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to power on the TV.

    For iPhones, use Wi-Fi only.

    To enable this option, in webOS 6.0 TVs go to [ALL SETTINGS] → [DEVICES] → [EXTERNAL DEVICES] → [TV ON WITH MOBILE] → Toggle on both [TURN ON via WI-FI] and [TURN ON via BLUETOOTH].

    Screenshot of TV on mobile menu
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