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LG TV – How to View Files from a USB Storage Device

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Connecting a USB storage device to your LG TV gives you access to the video, photo, music and contents of the USB device on your TV screen.

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Insert your USB storage device to one of the ports in the back of your TV.

A menu of options will automatically appear on the TV. Use your remote control to select the media type you want to access.

If that menu disappears, you can access your files again from the home dashboard by selecting the storage option.

Once selected, you can view your media player to access and play your images, music, or videos.

To safely eject your USB drive, go to your home dashboard and locate storage. Select the eject option before removing your USB from your TV.

Try This

  1. Connect the USB storage device to the [USB input] port on the back of the TV.

    Use a USB memory device of 32 GB or less or an external hard disk of 2 TB or less. Storage devices with too much capacity may not work smoothly.

    USB Input on back of TV
    • To ensure proper functioning, format the USB storage device into either the FAT32 or NTFS file system supported by Windows.
    • In the case of an external hard disk, use one with a rated voltage of 5 V and a rated current of 500 mA or less.
    • Otherwise, the USB storage device may not work properly, or the operation may not be smooth.
  2. Change the input to USB.

    Press the [Input] button on the TV remote and select [USB Flash Drive] on the TV screen.

    Input button on TV remote pressed with UI on screen showing USB device
  3. Press the [Home] button on the TV remote and select [Media Player] from the apps.

    Home button on TV remote pressed with Media Player selected on screen.
  4. Select the USB storage device you wish to play.

    USB device selected on screen
  5. Select the file types you wish to display and select a file to begin playing.

    File type drop down
  6. How to eject a USB device

    1Press and hold the Input button on the TV remote to open the input menu

    2Select the USB input

    3Select [Eject] from the dropdown menu to safely remove the USB device.

    Eject button high lighted on screen.

    Removing the USB device without using the eject option or before the eject process is complete can cause problems with the USB device.

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