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LG TV - Using Subtitles on a Connected USB Device

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At a Glance

If the video file and subtitle file share the same name but the subtitle fails to play, it is possible that the subtitle file has an issue.
Additionally, the TV may not support subtitles if the video file codec is not compatible, even if it can be played on a computer.
Due to the limited memory capacity of a TV compared to a computer, the TV can only support up to 85% of the codecs available.
Video/audio files can work with your TV only when all four requirements (codec, resolution, extension, etc.) are met.
However, the screen resolution may vary depending on the connection status of the external device.

External subtitle formats supported
  • smi, srt, sub (MicroDVD, SubViewer 1.0/2.0), ass, ssa, txt (TMPlayer), psb(PowerDivX), dcs (DLP Cinema)
Embedded subtitle formats supported
  • Matroska (mkv) : Sub Station Alpha (SSA), Advanced Sub Station Alpha (ASS), SRT
  • MP4 : Timed Text
Storage capacity/file size discoverable
  • Video file: HD - 30 GB or less, SD - 4 GB or less
  • USB device: Up to 32 GB
  • External storage: Up to 1 TB

Try This

Is the subtitle file encoded with the [ANSI] code?

➔ Change the encoding method to [ANSI], save the file, and play it.

If playback does not work even though the video (DivX) file name and the subtitle file name are identical, check if the subtitle file is [ANSI]-encoded.
Open the Windows Notepad, load the subtitle file, and save it as an ANSI format by selecting ANSI from the [Save As] menu.
In the case of [SMI] subtitles, playback is limited in the DLNA mode.

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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