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LG Ultrawide Monitor – How to Setup & Use Dual Controller

  • Operation

At a Glance

LG's dual controller feature lets you connect computers to your monitor and control both devices with just 1 keyboard and mouse.

Try This

How to download and install Dual Controller

To install the latest version, go to the Software and Drivers page.

1In [Product Selection], select [Monitors].

Screenshot of Software and Drivers Page With Monitor Selected

2In [Search by Model Number], enter the product model and then hit enter.

Screenshot of Software and Drivers Page With Search Field Populated

3On the model page, download the file suitable for your OS (Windows or Mac).

4Move to the download folder and decompress the file and proceed to install it.

How to Use Dual Controller

1Check your network connection.

Make sure that the PCs you want to control through keyboard/mouse sharing are connected to the same local network via a router.

  • An LG monitor that supports Dual Controller must be connected to the PC that will be run in Main PC mode.
  • Both computers must be on the same network.
  • Only one user on a network can use Dual Controller.
  • Dual Controller may not work properly when playing games.

2Run Dual Controller on the PC in Main PC mode.

Click the Main PC button on the PC whose keyboard and mouse will be shared.

Dual Controller screenshot with Main PC mode selected

3Run Dual Controller on a Sub PC in Sub PC mode.

Click the Sub PC button on the PC you want to control.

Dual Controller screenshot with Sub PC mode selected

4Click the [Apply Dual Controller] button on the Main PC.

The Sub PC is automatically searched for on the Main PC mode screen.

Dual Controller screenshot with Apply Dual Controller selected
  • When you move the mouse cursor from the screen of the Main PC to the screen of the Sub PC, you can use the Main PC's keyboard and mouse on the Sub PC.
  • You can set the positions of the Main PC and the Sub PC, to Left/Right or Right/Left, in PC Position Control in the Dual Controller's Option tab.
  • We recommend that you set the Sub PC so that its screen is only displayed on a monitor.
  • If there is an active Internet connection, Dual Controller automatically updates to the latest version when started.
  • Dual Controller may not be available on certain websites and networks depending on the security policy.

How to Use Dual Link-Up (Picture-By-Picture Function)

1Connect the monitor to two input sources.

2Press the joystick button on the bottom of the monitor.

3Enter PBP.

Example of how Dual Link Up Looks When Applied

4Adjust the settings according to the input sources connected.

5Picture-By-Picture is applied.

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