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[LG WashCombo] Problems with Drying Performance

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Problems with Drying Performance

1. Items feel slightly damp after drying.

  • The heat pump drying system dries at a lower temperature than a conventional dryer.
    Clothes may seem damp because they’re not as warm as you’re used to.
  • If clothes still feel damp after a few minutes outside the dryer, hang them to dry completely or use the Dry Only cycle with the timed dry option for additional drying time.

2. The dry cycle didn’t run after the wash cycle.

  • If you’re not using the Wash+Dry or AI Wash+Dry cycle, you need to add a dry cycle manually before starting the cycle.
    (For best results, you’ll want to use the specialized Towels, Jeans, or Bedding cycle to wash those items.)
  • To add a dry cycle, select the desired wash cycle and press the Dry button repeatedly to select a drying cycle.
    If you’re running the wash and dry cycles separately, change the spin option on the wash cycle to the highest available.
    (The maximum spin option varies depending on the cycle.)
  • To add drying time after the cycle ends, select the Dry Only cycle and press the Dry button repeatedly to select 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes of drying time.

3. You want to protect delicates from overdrying.

  • If you want to protect delicate clothes and prevent them from overdrying, select the Delicate or Perm Press dry cycle.

Improving Drying Performance

1. Clean the filter after every dry cycle.

  • If lint accumulates or clogs the top filter, the circulation of air for drying is compromised.
    Drying performance may be poor, or dry times may be longer.
    Be sure to clean the filter after each dry cycle.

2. Do not open the door frequently during drying.

  • If the door is opened during drying, warm air escapes from the drum.
    When you resume the cycle, the drying time may be longer because the internal temperature needs to be raised again for drying.

Wrinkles after Drying

1. Remove items promptly after drying.

  • If you regularly experience wrinkles because you don’t remove laundry immediately after the cycle ends, select the Fresh Care option before starting the cycle.
    This feature prevents wrinkles by tumbling the drum for up to 19 hours after the cycle is done.

2. Upgrade the product through ThinQ UP and use KeepFresh.

  • You can download new upgraded features to the LG washer/dryer combo through the ThinQ UP feature.
    Connect to the LG ThinQ app to download the KeepFresh feature.
    After the cycle ends, use KeepFresh to run the clothes through another wash or dry cycle if needed.
  • If the cycle ends and you can’t remove the clothes right away, use KeepFresh to tumble the clothes intermittently for up to 3 hours to help prevent wrinkles.

Washing and Drying Takes More than 2 Hours*

  • Total cycle time for washing and drying may vary depending on the type and amount of laundry, the selected cycle, and drying options.
    In general, clothing with a high cotton content, such as towels, or thick clothing, such as jeans, may take longer to dry.

* 2 hour load is based on independent testing in Wash+Dry cycle with Dryer on Energy Saver mode and 10 lb. DOE load (October 2023).
Cycle time may vary depending on load type/weight.

This guide was created for all models, so the images or content may be different from your product.

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