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LG Washer - A tCL (Tub Clean) Code is Displayed on SideKick

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At a Glance

If  tCL flashes on the display panel when you power on the SideKick™ washer, it indicates it is time to clean the drum. The automatic tub clean notification is displayed every 30 cycles.

Try This

Using SideKick™ Tub Clean

1. Press the Power button to turn on the power.

2. Press the far right button which is the Tub Clean button.
When the Tub Clean cycle is selected, tCL will be displayed on the screen.

3. When you press the Start/Pause button, the Tub Clean cycle will begin.

tCL displayed, tub clean button pressed
Wait! Here are more tips
  • When you complete the Tub Clean cycle, tCL will not be displayed until the next time cleaning is due.
  • If you wish to wash without running the Tub Clean cycle, you can run a normal washing cycle.
  • If moisture inside the drum is not properly removed after washing, odors or stains (mold) may occur.
    Open the washing machine door until any moisture inside has completely dried.
  • Use the correct amount of tub cleaner recommended by the cleaner’s manufacturer.
    (Do not add detergent or fabric softener. Doing so may create excessive bubbles or weaken the sterilization effect.)
  • Do not use acidic cleaners as they can cause discoloration or corrosion of the tub.
  • Do not add laundry when running the Tub Clean cycle. The Tub Clean cycle is meant to be operated with an empty tub. Adding laundry may lower the sterilization effect and severely damage the laundry.

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