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LG Washer - Troubleshooting Odor / Buildup

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LG Washer - Troubleshooting Odor / Buildup

At a Glance

Improper usage of detergent or neglecting routine maintenance on the washer can lead to the development of odor or buildup. To address this problem, it is important to adhere to the recommended detergent guidelines and perform regular maintenance tasks.

Try This

  1. Clean the Detergent Dispenser

    If using cold water for washing, the detergent may not completely dissolve, resulting in buildup and/or odor.


    Dispenser type and location will vary depending on your washer model.

    image of the detergent dispenser being cleaned in a sink
  2. Clean the Door Gasket

    • The door gasket can collect foreign objects such as lint or hair strands from washing.
    • If not removed, those foreign objects could cause gaps or retain water causing mold and odor to form.
    • Wipe it with oxygen-based bleach and leave the washing machine door open to dry.
    image of the gasket being cleaned with a sponge or cloth
  3. Remove Foreign Objects From the Drain Pump Filter

    A clogged drain pump filter can lead to poor draining, causing water to remain in the drum leading to odor over time.

    image of where the drain pump filter is located
  4. Run a Tub Clean cycle

    • Detergent residue can buildup around the drum and door gasket causing odor to form.
    • Use a tub cleaner to help breakup the detergent residue and eliminate odor.
    • It is recommended to perform the tub clean cycle once a month to prevent odor / buildup from forming.
    image showing the tub clean cycle

If the odor continues after multiple tub cleans, service will be required. Request a repair with our 24/7 Chat Support

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