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LG Washer – Troubleshooting Washing Machine Drum Not Spinning

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The spin performance of you LG Washer can be affected by many factors from load size, objects detected in the agitator, an unleveled washer or the rare mechanical failure.

  1. Check for Error Codes.

    An error code displayed on your washer would be an indicator that a problem is detected and requires troubleshooting.

    Image showing the display on the washer with an error code

    If an error code is displayed in the control panel of your washer, please see our LG Washer - Error Code List article for further assistance.

  2. Reposition laundry in the drum.

    Depending on the items being washed, laundry can sometime become tangled together on one side of the washer, causing the unit to become unbalanced. Make sure the laundry is evenly spread around the tub. If required, pause the cycle, evenly distribute the laundry in the washer, then resume the cycle.

    Image showing an unbalanced vs balanced load.
  3. Confirm the washer is level.

    Place your hands on diagonal corners of the washer and try to rock it. If you feel shaking when rocking the washing machine to the front, back, or side, use the appropriate wrench to adjust the legs of the washer on the affected side(s).

    Video showing how to level the unit following the directions above.
  4. Check the drum for foreign objects.

    Objects suck as coins, zippers, buttons, etc. can become trapped, affecting operation. Remove any visible objects using an appropriate tool such as pliers, tweezers, etc.

    Video showing trapped objects being removed with pliers.
  5. Run a test cycle.

    • Press the POWER button to turn the washer on.
    • Press the RINSE & SPIN button.
    • Press the START/PAUSE button.
    • Wait for the washer to fill and begin the rinse agitation.
    • Press the START/PAUSE button to pause the cycle, then press the POWER button to turn the washer off.
    • Press the POWER button to turn the washer back on.
    • Press the SPIN SPEED button to select a high spin speed. This will perform a spin only cycle.

    If the drum spins properly, adjust the load size and try again.

    If the unit will not spin, service will be required for a proper diagnosis. Please visit our Request a Repair page for more assistance.

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