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Smart Share Downloads

  • Operation
Smart Share Downloads

Note: Sharing files that are not Music, Video, or Pictures (such as Spreadsheets and Text Documents) will require using Screen Sharing.

  • Smart Share

    What is it?

    Smart Share allows you to view your Pictures, Music, or Videos from your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, and more!

    Smart Share lives on your TV, but it also needs a counterpart to share files with it! There are apps and software that act as this counterpart, designed for phones, tablets, and computers.

    Tech Info Alert! Smart Share uses a technology called DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) as its' protocol for streaming files. The underlying technology of DLNA is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), which is the most widely used form of network communication for file sharing.

    What does that mean for you? Smart Share is compatible with almost every DLNA certified or UPnP piece of software available, which make your options nearly limitless!

    What do I need?

    1. An LG Smart TV (any one will do, but we suggest the big one!)
    2. Another device with files on it that you want to see on your big TV.
    3. Smart Share Software, or other DLNA certified software, for your other device. (once you close this overlay, you'll see the options)
    4. A home network. (most people prefer wireless, but hardwired gives the best results if possible)

    I've got everything I need, now what?

    Enjoy your new ability to share your files with your TV!

    We have guides available to help with using the Smart Share TV app. Just click the button for the TV Support Center!

Click Here to Find/Download the Smart Share App That is Best for You

(download determined by the operating system of the device that you are currently viewing this page on)
    • Download LG's Smart Share program (Ver. 33), available for Windows.
      Download for Windows

    • Need help Downloading, Installing, Setting Up, and Using the Smart Share PC Software?
      Learn more

    Note: LG's Smart Share program is not available for MAC users, please use Plex Media Server (listed below).

  • Some users may prefer Plex Media Server. This option should generally only be used if you are familiar with Plex, and wish to continue using it, or if you are a MAC user.

  • Android Download the LG TV Plus program, available for Android.

    iOS Download LG TV Plus for iPhone or iPad. Compatible TVs will allow file sharing with Smart Share.

    Learn More

  • We do not make a dedicated Linux application that supports Smart Share. However, there are several guides available online to help setup file sharing.

    Simply perform a search for Linux DLNA, and choose the option that works best for you.

    Google Bing Yahoo

Looking for help setting up and using the Smart Share App on your TV?

LG TVs Support

For the full Screen Sharing article, please visit Screen Share / Screen Mirroring - Device to TV.

Screen Sharing does not require additional software. Take a look at these videos to see how it works.

Note: Screen sharing using a Mac or iOS device requires an Apple TV Streaming device.


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