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Top Load Washer - Odor

  • Troubleshooting
Top Load Washer - Odor

Odor can be a frustrating issue, but we'll get you taken care of. Let's find out why your washer has an odor. Odor in clothing can be resolved by following the simple step-by-step tips below.

  1. Tub Clean Cycle

    Perform tub clean using either of the following: Bleach, Vinegar or Commercial Cleaning Agent

    • Wipe the rubber gasket and door.

    • Run 3 Tub Clean cycles, back to back, using a Commercial Washing Machine cleaner.

    • At the end of the three cycles leave the door open, and dry the entire inside of the tub (and the rubber gasket).

    • Run the Tub Clean cycle at least Once per Week until the odor dissipates.

    • Remember:

    • Use 2 Tablespoons of detergent, or 1 Tablespoon if concentrated. Using more can cause build up, and lead to more odor in the future.

  2. Bleach, Vinegar or Cleansing Agent
    for Tub Clean

    Bleach and/or a Commercial Cleaning agent are the recommended cleaners, and will work in most cases. However, in the event that odor still builds up, I'd like you to try the following:

  3. Mildew Buildup

    High efficiency washers use significantly less water, which means that there can be soap and washload residue left at the end of each cycle. Over time this residue can build up and cause odor from mildew growth.

    If the mildew buildup is too severe to be removed using Industrial Tub Cleaner, you may need to have the washer professionally cleaned.

    Contact a local appliance repair shop to get additional information (LG techs do not perform this work).

Author - Sanmi Ajanaku

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