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TV - Connecting Headphones

  • Operation
TV - Connecting Headphones to TV

Some TV's may have Headphone Outputs, however, most LG Bluetooth Headsets work with any TV that supports Soundsync Wireless.

Headphone Output

  1. If your TV has a Headphone Output, simply connect your headphones to the port.

  2. Note: Some TVs have a 3.5mm port designed for diagnostics or RS232 control. This port is the exact size of a headphone jack, but is not designed for headphones.


  1. On your TV, press the home key > Settings > Advanced

  2. Click Sound > Sound Out > Internal TV Speakers + Headphone Audio (or Bluetooth if available).


If your TV does not support a headset port, you can use an Optical to Analog Converter also known as a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), connecting an optical cable from the TV to the converter and plugging in your headset to the converter.

Note: Volume is controlled by the TV if you are using the TV speakers. If you use the optical audio then the volume control moves to the receiver. For this reason, getting headphones that have their own volume control may be beneficial.

General troubleshooting

  1. Ensure the TV is not muted.

  2. Ensure the volume is turned up.

  3. Try another movie or a different app.

  4. Ensure the TV sound out setting is changed to the correct output.

  5. Try a different cable (if applicable).

  6. If you are using a streaming app such as Netflix or Hulu from the TV.

    • In the app select Settings for audio > select the preferred audio option.

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