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Ultrawide Monitor: Using Dual Controller & Picture-By-Picture - MONITOR

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Ultrawide Monitor: Using Dual Controller & Picture-By-Picture - MONITOR

Now that you’ve downloaded dual controller software to your computers and attach them to your UltraWide Monitor, it’s time to turn it on couldn’t be easier.

You’ll find a joystick on the bottom of the screen. Pushing the button up turns things on, pressing the joystick forward takes you to monitor off. Double click the dual controller icon on your screen and you’ll see the computers you’re working. One is designated as main, the other is titled sub. You’ll be using the keyboard and mouse of the main computer. So to keep things simple just remember that HDMI and one designate your device as the main computer to switch main and sub designations after you plugged in, just click the small dual controller icon and switch modes.

Now click apply dual controller, for we continue to the option tab you’ll want to activate the PBP feature which stands for Picture By Picture. This built-in feature shows content from each computer on one UltraWide Monitor screen. To split your screen toggle the joystick control to PBP, then set the on position something tells me you’re going to be amazed by the brilliant color and clarity.

Look how simple it is to navigate between screens back and forth mousing takes you from one screen to the other in one fluid motion. That’s why makes dual controller so easy and intuitive, to make it all happen click option. Then indicate your left and right computers. Here is a great shortcut to instantly toggle between the content on your main and sub computers. Choose a combination of 1, 2, 3 keys plus the right arrow button and then click check with this quick key command switching back and forth is a breeze. One of the beauties of dual controller is the way it streamlines transferring files to either computer things like photographs, Excel, spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint, you name it.

Your files or folders will be transferred to your desktop. Just remember there’s a maximum file size of 2 Gigs to speed the process create a shortcut of 1to 3 keys along with the F7 key, click check and you’re on your way. Dual controller is one of the most exciting feature of the UltraWide Monitor, so LG will be updating the software from time to time.

Clicking homepage link and adding your model number takes you to the latest available software and you can always ask on LG to send you software updates.

This is a great time to remind you that LG UltraWide Monitors are only 21 X 9 displays featuring 2 Thunderbolt, 2 Thunderbolt transmits data more than 4 times fast than a USB 3.0. It’s the feature every professional can count. So start with the ease of dual controller, add the speed of Thunderbolt and you’ve got one dynamic duo.

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