1. Check power connection

    For electric washers, check the power cord connection at the back of the unit and the power connection at the terminal block. Ensure that power is getting to the unit efficiently, this can be tested by plugging any electrical product that you know that works, such as an alarm clock or hair dryer.

    Note: Some power outlets are sometimes controlled by light switches on the wall. Ensure to turn the light switch ON.

  2. Circuit Breaker

    Turn OFF the circuit breaker, wait for 5 seconds, then turn the breaker back ON.

    Note: Gas units are usually installed with a single circuit breaker but electric units use two.

  3. Try to power on

    Attempt to power the unit by pressing the Power button.

  4. Perform hard reset

    • Unplug the washer.

    • While the washer is unplugged, PRESS and HOLD the POWER/START button for 5 seconds

    • release, then hold down the PLAY/PAUSE button for 5 seconds.

    • Plug the unit back in, if the unit does not power ON, it will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page.