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Water Left in Dispenser - Front Load Washer

  • Troubleshooting

It is normal for some residual water to remain in your dispenser tray after each wash. However, this tray should not be filled completely with water. Click the tabs below to display information for items to check to potentially resolve this issue.

Detergent can gradually build up in the detergent tray and its attachments over time. If these are not cleaned regularly, the water and additives will not dispense fully and water will remain in the compartments.

  1. Pull the dispenser drawer towards you until it stops.

  2. Press down on the depressed tab between the softener and bleach inserts.

  3. While pressing down on the tab mentioned above, pull the drawer toward you. The detergent tray will completely remove from the front of the washer.

    Detergent Tray Removal
  4. With the drawer removed, each compartment piece can be removed

    Detergent Insert Removal
  5. Clean each piece with warm, soapy water in a kitchen sink. Clean inside the tray compartment, particularly the top where the water comes out. DO NOT place these pieces in an automatic dishwasher, as they are not dishwasher safe.

  6. Once each piece is clean, reassemble the dispenser pieces ensuring they are attached properly and reinsert the detergent tray.

    Detergent Tray Insertion

    Tip: It is important that the detergent tray be cleaned periodically to ensure your additives dispense correctly. A good time to clean the dispenser would be when performing other routine maintenance on your washer.

If any of the attachments are not inserted properly, the tray will not dispense correctly and water may be left in it. Remove the detergent drawer and make certain that all of the attachments and the drawer are inserted properly.

You are able to use a powdered detergent with your front load washer. However, if using a powdered detergent the liquid detergent tray insert must be removed. Be cautious not to spill any powder into the softener or bleach area.

When using powdered detergent, it should always be a High Efficiency (or HE) detergent. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage amounts.

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