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Winterize your Dishwasher

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Winterize your Dishwasher

If your dishwasher is stored in an unheated location like a basement, garage or you are relocating to your summer home for the winter season; you want to protect your appliances to ensure they are not exposed to below freezing temperatures.

Dishwashers may have residual water in the pump and hoses that may freeze and damage your pipes in the cold weather. As water freezes it expands, damaging the pipes in your home and unit. Taking some precautions to protect your dishwasher will prevent damage and optimize performance.

Supplies Needed




7 steps to winterize your dishwasher

  1. Water Supply

    Turn off the water supply to your home.

    Inlet hose turned off from water supply
  2. Disconnect Inlet Hose

    Use the screwdriver to disconnect the inlet hose from the water supply and the dishwasher. Set aside the inlet hose inside the bucket.

    an inlet hose pouring water into bucket
  3. Add Antifreeze

    Add a half a gallon of nontoxic recreational vehicle (RV) antifreeze inside the tub and close the door.

    bottle of antifree poured inside tub
  4. Power ON the Unit.

    Power on the unit and start a cycle. The cycle should start with the unit draining. As soon as you hear water moving through the drain, turn off the unit and disconnect the power or turn off the breaker.

  5. Open the door.

    Keep the door propped open to prevent odors and mold from forming.

    dishwasher with opened door
  6. Run a wash cycle.

    If you winterize the unit, run a complete wash cycle with detergent before using the machine again.

    NOTE: Dishes should not be placed inside the unit during this cycle.

    a hand adding detergent to diswasher
  7. Disconnect power Cord.

    (Optional) If leaving your home for the winter season, keep the inlet hoses disconnected and power cord unplugged and turn off the circuit breaker until you return.

    a power plug removed from socket

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