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Using Miracast - Blu-ray

Operation Home Video, TV Audio Video Accessories Last Updated 12/29/2018
Using Miracast - Blu-ray - Miracast

Miracast is a wireless display standard found in most Android devices, capable of streaming content to the TV in up to 1080p video quality and with up to 5.1-channel audio, almost like wireless HDMI.

Note: The mobile device must support screen sharing. Some devices may not be compatible.

First, open the Miracast  App.
You can do this using the launcher as shown below.
On your mobile device, Enable Miracast (may also be called screen share or screen mirroring). Once enabled, tap on the same Miracast area to find available devices.
On LG devices this can be found in Settings > Share & Connect  .
On your mobile device, Choose the Miracast capable Blu-ray Player you wish to connect to.

Note: If you have more than one Blu-ray Player, the name will be based on the model number.

On your Blu-ray Player, the Miracast App should be open, as shown below.

Note: Once you initiate the connection via your mobile device, this screen will automatically move on to the next step.

After the previous Mobile Device step, the screen on the Blu-ray Player should resemble what is shown below. The Blu-ray Player will automatically begin connecting when the request is sent from the mobile device.

Note: For non-LG devices, you may need to initiate the connection from the Blu-ray Player first, then accept the connection on the mobile device.

For these non-LG devices, you may get a message similar to this. If so, choose Connect before the timer expires.
Once the connection is established, the Blu-ray Player will prepare the screen share session.
Once completed, your mobile device's screen will be displayed on your TV!
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  • Be careful to follow he set-up instructions on both the Blu-ray player and the mobile device; otherwise, content streaming will not work properly. Here is a checklist of what is needed to mirror your mobile device's screen to your TV:

    Note: Additional software may be needed on some devices. For smart phones/tablets, consult the App Store of your platform. For Windows PCs, visit Intel WiDi Software Downloads.

    • Both the device and the Blu-ray Player must be powered on.
    • Both the device and the Blu-ray Player must have Wi-Fi enabled.
    • The mobile device must have Miracast enabled.
    • The Blu-ray Player must have Miracast capability and the Miracast App must be open.
    • If the device is a PC, check the firewall settings.

    If everything above is correct, restart both devices.
    If the issue persists, Contact Us.


  • The image displayed on your TV screen will mirror the image sent from your Smart device.

    If the content you are currently viewing supports landscape playback, simply turn the phone sideways to switch your layout view.

    In landscape mode, the phone's image will fill the TV screen.

  • This issue is most commonly related to PC display drivers or hardware. To troubleshoot:

    • Try to initiate screen sharing using an Android device.
    • Connect the Android device using Wi-Fi direct as shown in the Quick Start Guide.
    • If the Android device works, but a Windows PC does not:
      • Update your display drivers.
      • Ensure your hardware supports Miracast.
      • Install the Intel WiDi software found at Intel WiDi Software Downloads.
      • Contact your hardware manufacturer for assistance.
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.

  • To share a PC screen wirelessly via Miracast, Intel WiDi software and Wi-Fi Direct capable hardware are required.

    • If you're on a Windows 8 or newer PC, swipe in from the right side of the screen (if using a mouse, move it to the bottom right corner, then slide up). This will open the Charms Menu.
    • Click Devices.
    • Click Project.
    • If there is an option to Add a wireless display, your PC already supports Miracast. Simply click Add a wireless display, and follow the instructions.

    If you are not Miracast ready (as described above), you will need to contact your device manufacturer to ensure the hardware is Miracast capable.

    If your hardware is Miracast capable, visit Intel WiDi Software Downloads.

    • First, make sure your PC is Miracast capable by following the steps in PC - Miracast capability above.
    • If your PC is capable, restart your Blu-ray Player and computer (unplug them, then plug them back in).
    • If possible, try to use Miracast on an Android device. If Miracast works on the Android device, contact your PC manufacturer for further assistance.
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.

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