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PF1000UW and PF1500W Firmware Update

Operation Home Video Last Updated 04/25/2018

If your current firmware version is 03.00.09 or lower, it must be updated to the version 03.00.10 before you can update to the latest version (For example, to update to version 03.00.17, you must update to the version 03.00.10, then proceed to 03.00.17)

Version 03.00.17 for PF1500W-NA / PF1000UW-NA
version 03.00.10 for PF1500W-NA / PF1000UW-NA
  1. Check your current version.

    1. Press MENU button.

    2. Select ALL SETTINGS.


      about this projector

  2. Update to version 03.00.10

    1. Download version 03.00.10 to your computer

      • Create a FOLDER on your USB Flash Drive

      • Rename the folder to "LG_DTV"

    2. Insert the UBS drive into the projector and the USB update will be displayed automatically.

      usb update available
    3. If content list is displayed, select the [x] button and continue the update.

    4. Select the INSTALL button, USB UPDATE IN PROGRESS window will be displayed and the update will be started.

      update in progress
    5. Select the CHECK NOW button to check the update progress.

      check progress
    6. When the update is completed, NEW UPDATE INSTALLED window will be displayed, select the YES button, then the projector will be restarted.

      check progress
  3. Update to the latest version.

    1. Download version 03.00.17 to your computer.

    2. Create a folder on your USB drive and rename the folder to LG_DTV.

    3. Copy the download firmware into the LG_DTV folder on your USB Drive.

    4. USB UPDATE window will be displayed automatically when you insert the USB to the projector.

      software update
    5. Select the firmware which will be updated and select UPDATE button.


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