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Electric Cooktop Elements Cycles ON and OFF - Ranges

Troubleshooting Cooking Appliances Last Updated 05/09/2018
Burner Flames Uneven, Large, Small - Gas Cooktops - Ranges

Cooktop, oven, and burner temperature issues may be resolved without a technician. If you see any error on the display screen, please visit our Error Codes - Cooktop and Range page to resolve the error.

  1. Stops glowing at various times.

    If the element stops glowing at various times depending on the setting, this is a normal operation. Each power level setting has a different heating time.

    • The power level setting of the cooktop element consists of 25 various selections.

    • Each power level setting has a different heating time. If the display shows LO, the element will heat less.

    • Double check the setting to be sure that it is set appropriately for the type of cooking intended to be done.

  2. Hot surface indicator.

    • If the HS(Hot Surface) indicator is lit after the cook top has been turned OFF, this is normal.

    • The HS indicates the surface of the cook top is hot, serving as a reminder not to touch the cook top surface.

    • The HS indicator should remain ON until the surface has cooled down to approximately 150℉.

    • It is normal for the surface elements to cycle on and off during cooking, even on higher settings.

    • This will happen more frequently if cooking on a lower temperature setting.

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