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Clothing Torn/Ripped - Front Load Washer

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018

Clothing that is ripped or torn during the wash is uncommon. Usually this can be attributed to an item or object that made it in with the clothing.

Check the washer’s drum using an old cloth or sock. Any item that could catch or snag on the cloth can potentially snag or tear a clothing item as the machine washes. Also check the washer’s baffles (fins) in the drum for any sharp areas that could damage your clothing.

When loading items into the washer, be sure to check the pockets of the items that you place in the unit to be washed. Items like pins, keys, or pocket knives could potentially damage clothing items as they tumble during the wash cycle.

It is also important the check the dryer as well so that the source of the damage or tearing is accurately identified.

If there is no foreign object in the drum that is tearing the clothing, or if the drum is damaged, your unit may require repair service.

For your convenience, you can schedule your service online using our repair scheduling system. Click the button below to begin.

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