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Long Dry Time - Washer / Dryer Combo Unit

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018

LG Combo units operate slightly different from their stand alone counterparts. The wash cycle remains unchanged for the most part, but there are some differences with the drying process. Some areas that should help boost your drying performance are:

Water is needed in order for a Washer/Dryer Combo unit to perform the dry function. This is completely different from how a standard dryer would work. With a combo unit, cold water is used to condense the moisture in the air and dry the clothes. If water is not supplied to the unit, the clothes will not dry.

Check your home water taps, making sure both the hot and cold taps are fully opened.

Since water is needed in order for the dryer portion of your unit to perform, check to make sure that the hot and cold water hoses are not reversed. The unit uses mostly cold water during the dry cycle. If the hoses are reversed and hot water is being supplied to the dryer instead, the condensation efficiency becomes very low.

Check the inlet filters on the back of the washer to make sure that they are not dirty or clogged. If the cold water supply is restricted, drying performance will be affected.

If the drain pump at the bottom left of the unit has not been cleaned recently, this can also reduce the cold water supply. Refer to your Owner's Manual for more information on cleaning the drain pump and filter.

The dryer has a capacity of about half of that of the washer. Therefore, if you are washing too much clothing, it may be necessary to reduce the load size by half to ensure that the load is dry.

Most LG combo units will add a spin before the drying process will begin. However, if the load did not spin out well or you attempted to do a DRY ONLY cycle and the results were not as good as expected, run a SPIN CYCLE before starting the drying process. This will ensure that the majority of the water has already been spun out of the fabric before the drying process begins.

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