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Leveling - Pedestal Washer

Installation Washers Last Updated 05/10/2018
Leveling - Pedestal Washer LG Support | Tutorials

To install the Pedestal Washer, make sure you have the following tools available:

  • Pliers
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Work Gloves
  • Installation Kit (included with the unit)


Before you begin:

  • Remove the tape and items attached to the top of the Pedestal Washer.
  • Remove the foam shipping block and be sure to save the block for later use in case the washer needs to be moved.
  • Open the drawer and remove the shipping pad. Take out the hoses and installation kit and review the contents to ensure all included items came with the unit.

1. From the smaller installation kit, remove the bag that contains the 5 screws.

2. Rotate the top cover 180 degrees and use 4 of the small screws from the installation kit to mount the cover.

3. Remove any remaining package material on the Pedestal Washer.

4. The wrench tool provided with your kit will be used to level the feet. With someone to help, tilt the main washer as you fully retract and level all the feet.

5. On top of the Pedestal Washer at each corner are holes in which you will use to align the feet and set down your main washer.

NOTE: Do not install the Pedestal Washer under a dryer.

6. With someone to help, lift the main washer above the Pedestal Washer and set the main washer on top as the feet rest into each corner.

7. Mount the main washer using all 16 screws (included in the kit), 4 on each side of the unit using a Phillips screwdriver.

8. Adjust the 4 main washer feet down about 1/2 turn to tighten them against the pedestal for stability.

9. Connect the two short hoses (included in the kit) to the hot and cold water supply faucets.

10. Connect the center leg of the two Y-connectors to each of the short hoses and tighten firmly.

11. Use the long water hoses (not supplied) to connect one hose to the hot water inlet valve and one hose on the cold water inlet valve and tighten firmly.

12. On the Pedestal Washer, use each remaining hose and connect one to the hot water inlet valve, on to the cold water valve and tighten firmly.

13. Now connect the main washer's hot inlet hose to the hot water faucet's Y-connector and connect the main washer's cold inlet hose to the cold water faucet's Y-connector. Tighten both firmly.

14. Now take the Pedestal Washer's hot inlet hose and connect it to the hot water faucet's Y-connector and connect the Pedestal Washer's cold inlet hose to the cold water faucet's Y-connector. Tighten both firmly.

15. Turn on the water and check the water faucet connections, main washer water inlet valve connections, and Pedestal Washer inlet valve connections for leaks.

16. Install the Pedestal Washer drain hose with the big clamp, making sure the drain hose elbow is pointing toward the ceiling.

17. Connect the main washer and Pedestal Washer drain hoses to the big drain Y-connector with a clamp on each hose.

NOTE: Failure to use the clamps could result in flooding if the hoses come loose from the Y-connector.

18. Use a tie strap around the hoses. Insert the drain hose Y-connector into the drain and use another tie strap around the bundle of hoses to keep them together.

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