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TV Powers On/Off Intermittently - TV

Troubleshooting TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 09/20/2018
TV Powers On/Off Intermittently - TV - Intermittent Power or Powers Off/On

This type of issue usually occurs when the power cord is loose or the TV isn't receiving proper ventilation.

  1. Is the unit's power cord securely plugged-in to both the back of the TV and an electrical outlet?
    (Please check both locations, cords may come loose sometimes) Yes No
  2. Plug the unit securely into an electrical outlet. Loose cords are the leading cause of intermittent power issues.

  3. Is the TV well ventilated? Yes Ventilation Recommendations
    • Do not install in a confined space such as a bookcase.
    • Do not cover the product with cloth or other materials while plugged.
    • Do not install in excessively dusty places.
    • Keep the product away from direct sunlight.
    • When mounting a TV on the wall, make sure not to install the TV by hanging the power and signal cables on the back of the TV.
  4. Is the On/Off/Sleep timer set? No What is this?
    • Depending on your TV model, access the Time or General menu.
    • Disable all Timers (On/Off/Sleep).
    • If the issue persists, Contact Us.
  5. Please Contact Us.

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