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Cleaning Your LG 4K, OLED, or LED TV - webOS

Troubleshooting TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 01/30/2019
Cleaning Your LG 4K, OLED, or LED TV - webOS

Cleaning your 4K, OLED, or LED TV screen with a soft, dry cloth is recommended.

If you have already used liquid on the screen, dry it as quickly as possible (it may not be too late).

Caution: Chemicals such as alcohol, thinners, or benzene should be strictly avoided, as they may damage the protective film covering the panel.

Caution: Don't spray water or other liquids directly on the TV, as electric shock could occur.

These guidelines apply to the TV's screen, as well as the housing (frame, body, case). Moisture on or near the TV should be avoided, as it could cause short circuits in the electronic components.

  1. Find a Soft, Lint-free Cloth

    The micro-fiber cloth provided with some phones, tablets, or computers works great for this.

    microfiber cloth
  2. Unplug the Power Cord

    We don't want anyone getting shocked.

  3. Gently Wipe the Screen

    The goal here is to avoid scratching the screen. Gentle, circular motions tend to give better results, since the circular motion hits each area from several angles in a single swipe.

    Caution: Some spots may be more difficult to remove, such as food or drink. Be very careful not to cause physical damage to the TV, as this can become expensive to repair.

  4. Ask the Community

    You can also get advice from other LG TV owners, based on what has worked well for them. Visit the LG Community Forum to browse for, or ask your question.

    LG Community Forum

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