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Blu-ray Player Menu Settings - Blu-ray

Operation Home Video, TV Audio Video Accessories Last Updated 05/08/2018
Blu-ray Player Menu Settings - Blu-ray

The LG Blu-ray Player Menu Settings allow you to customize your personal viewing experience.

Note: Menu settings may vary slightly depending on model, be sure to check your user's manual for settings specific to your model.

(Click a menu item from the left to learn more)


Settings regarding the setup and status of your Blu-ray Player's network connection.

  • Connection Setting - Set up your Internet connection by joining a wired/wireless network.
  • Connection Status - Highlight this setting and press OK to test your current connection settings.
  • BD-LIVE Connection - Set access restrictions for additional content found on certain Blu-ray discs that contain BD-LIVE media.
    • Permitted - Allows unrestricted access for all BD-Live content.
    • Partially permitted - BD Live content is only allowed access to the network if it has a content owner certificate
    • Prohibited - All BD Live content is blocked from accessing the internet.
  • Smart Service Setting - Adjust settings related to Smart TV content, such as Netflix® or Hulu Plus®.
    • Country Setting - Select your Country(or set to Automatic), to enable region specific Smart content.

      Note: If smart content is missing from your device, setting the proper country in this menu may solve the issue.

    • Initialize - To deactivate a Smart service, which can be useful while troubleshooting potential issues, click the appropriate button.
  • Device Name - Edit your network name using the virtual keyboard. This is the name that appears when you use file sharing/screen sharing, or in your router's DHCP client table for example.
  • Wi-Fi Direct - This option is used to toggle whether Wi-Fi Direct functionality is enabled/disabled.
  • Network Play - Set to On to allow file sharing over your home network.


Adjust settings that directly apply to how the Blu-ray Player sends video to your TV.

  • TV Aspect Ratio - Adjust this setting to match the type of display you're connecting the Blu-ray player to. 16:9 Full and 16:9 Original will change how 4:3 contents are displayed during playback.

    Note: 16:9 is the widescreen format and 4:3 refers to the older square shape that some programs are displayed in.

  • Resolution - Set the output resolution to automatic(HDMI connection), or you can manually adjust it to match the native resolution of the TV/monitor.
  • Ultra HD Upscaling - (Select Models) Enable to upscale video to 4K UHD quality.

    Note: The TV must support 4K resolution to take advantage of this feature.

  • 1080p Display Mode - Choose from 24Hz or 60Hz if your display is capable of handling 1080p/24Hz input. This setting will provide an experience that more closely matches how the movie was originally filmed. If you experience any picture distortion, change this setting back to 60Hz.
  • HDMI Color Setting - Change color output settings based on the type of display the player is connected to. YCbCr is used when the TV is connected via HDMI. RGB is used when connected to a DVI display device, such as a computer monitor.
  • 3D Mode (BD3D Models) - With 3D mode set to Off, a 3D Blu-ray disc will be displayed in 2D.

    Note: If you attempt to playback a Blu-ray 3D disc with this mode set to Off the disc may not playback.

  • Wallpaper - (Select Models) Change the background displayed behind the home menu.
  • Home Menu Guide - Toggle the help bubbles that appear on the Home screen.


Allows you to adjust the default language for the player menus, as well as for general disc playback settings.

  • Display Menu - Select the written language displayed by the player.

    Note: This only applies to text provided by the player itself, written language on discs is set by Disc Menu.

  • Disc Menu - Select the written language displayed in DVD/Blu-ray Disc menus.
  • Disc Audio - Select the spoken language for DVDs/Blu-ray Discs.
  • Disc Subtitle - Select the subtitle language displayed on DVDs/Blu-ray Discs.


Allows you to adjust a variety of audio output options. Set the audio output option according to the type and capabilities of your home audio system.

  • Digital Output - Select the digital audio output type to match the sound device that the Blu-ray player is connected to.
  • Sampling Freq. - Set the audio sampling frequency. This is an Advanced setting, and should only be adjusted if you are familiar with the difference between sampling frequencies.
  • DRC - Enable to prevent spikes in sound. This option may produce undesirable results for the hearing impaired or audiophiles.
  • DTS NEO:6 - Enable to simulate multi-channel sound from a two channel source.


Allows you to set parental controls to limit Blu-ray Disc and DVD playback.

  • Password - There will be no password by default, but you can enter a 4-digit password twice, then press OK to create one. If a password has been created, you can select this option to change it.

    Note: In order to change the password after one has been set, you will need to know the current password.

  • DVD Rating - Choose a rating between 1 and 8 (1 is the most restrictive, generally for young children). Set to UNLOCK if you want the disc to play without any content restrictions.
  • Blu-ray Disc Rating - Allows you to set an age limit for Blu-ray Disc playback. Use the remote's number keys to input the age limit. 255 will allow all content to be played without restriction.
    • These setting will only be applied for Blu-ray discs containing advanced rating control.
    • For guidance with rating level, refer to the table below:

      Blu-ray Disc Rating

      MPAA Rating












      Not Restricted

  • Area Code - Enter your area code to use your local standards to rate DVDs/Blu-ray Discs. Models purchased and used inside the US will likely require no change to this setting.


Additional settings used to customize certain actions and controls available on the Blu-ray Player.

  • Pointer - (Select Models) Set the behavior(size and speed) of your Magic Remote or USB mouse.
  • Quick Start - Reduces the startup time of the player.
  • Auto Power Off - Enable to automatically turn the player off if the screen saver has been running for over 20 minutes.
  • Initialize -
    • Factory Set - Resets the player back to the original factory settings.

      Caution: If you reset the player back to factory settings, you will have to re-configure the activation for all online services and network settings.

    • Blu-ray Storage Clear - Removes the BD-Live content from the connected USB storage device.
  • Software -
    • Information - will display the current software version installed on the player.
    • Update - Will allow you to manually check the update server for a newer version of firmware.
  • SIMPLINK/ARC - (Select Models) Enable to allow the TVs remote to control certain functions of the player(SIMPLINK), or enable HDMI Audio input from an ARC capable TV's audio output(ARC, Home Audio devices only).
  • Closed Caption - (Select Models) Choose options for DVD/Blu-ray closed captions.
  • Disclaimer Notice - Displays the Network Service disclaimer notice.

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