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LG CustomChill Drawer Not Working - Refrigerator

Troubleshooting Refrigerators Last Updated 04/25/2018
LG CustomChill Drawer Not Working - Refrigerator

The controls of the CustomChill Drawer will not function if not properly connected. Troubleshooting this issue is easy and can be done without the help of technician.

Custom Chill Drawer
  1. Remove the baskets and drawer.

    Pull the drawer open to full extension. Remove the basket by lifting the basket from the rail system.

    Remove the drawers

    Hold both sides of the door and lift it to remove it from the rail system.

    re-connect the connection
  2. Inspect for loose connector.

    Look into the rear end and the right side of the drawer for disconnected wire connector. Even if there is none, a slightly loose connector may prevent the CustomChill Drawer from working properly.

    Make sure you watch the video here.

  3. Reconnect the connector.

    Properly reconnect the wire harness to the connection at the end of the right rail by aligning the two ends and pushing them together until you hear a click. The tabs should snap back into place. Tug gently to make sure the connection is secure.

    NOTE: You may need to return the drawer without the baskets before connecting this connector for your drawer to slide properly.

    re-connect the connection
  4. Return the drawer and test.

    Grasp the door on each side and lower it into place on the rail system.

    Pull the drawer open to full extension. Lower the basket onto the rail system.

    Try pressing the option buttons to see if it now works properly, if not, the unit will require a repair service.

    re-connect the connection
  5. Request a Repair.

    If you have tried everything on this troubleshooting guide and the problem still persists, the unit will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page. A technician will be assigned to check your problem for further troubleshoot and repair.

  6. Need more support?

    If you still have issues related to your unit, check our large community forum. LG Ask the Community is a platform where people using the same LG products discuss and resolve product issues.

    Visit Community Forum

Author - Sanmi Ajanaku

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