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Initial Setup - Chromebase

Installation Desktop & All In One Computers, Monitors, TVs, Video Walls Last Updated 04/25/2018
Initial Setup - Chromebase

The first account setup on the LG Chromebase Monitor is the OWNER account. Product registration, promotions, and administration will all be attached to this account.

  1. First, turn on your Chromebase. The power button is located on the bottom-right bezel.
    power button

  2. On the Chrome initial setup screen, select your preferred language and keyboard type.

  3. Use the down arrow to find your Wi-Fi home network (you'll need the Wi-Fi password/Network security key).

    If using a wired connection, plug the ethernet cable from your modem/router to the input on your Chromebase.
    ethernet port

  4. Review and accept the Google Chrome OS terms and conditions.

  5. The system will auto update to the most recent version of Chrome OS, then the sign-in screen will appear.

  6. Sign in with an existing Gmail account, create an account, or browse as a Guest.

  7. Set an account picture if you wish to do so, then take some time to follow the Get Started App that opens. This will help familiarize you with your new Chromebase.

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