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    LG TV settings: How do I set the power on/off timer?
    Check if the time is set correctly on your TV.If the time is wrong or shows incorrect time information, an error may occur when setting the power on/off timer. ... Make sure you set the correct time. ... Try this ... 1. If your TV automa...
  • Troubleshooting
    LG TV: How to connect a keyboard, mouse, or gamepad to your LG TV
    You can connect a wired or wireless keyboard, mouse, or gamepad to your Smart TV by inserting a USB cable into the USB port. ... This feature is available for Smart TV models released after 2012. ... It’s recommended that you use product...
  • Operation
    Accessibility Settings Menu - webOS 2.0 - Menu Settings
    The LG TV Accessibility Menu settings allow you to customize your personal viewing experience. ... Below is a list of the available Accessibility Menu settings, click on any one to learn more. ... Adjust the remote control pointer/cursor...
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    2019 TV's
    When trying to find the perfect TV for your lifestyle, it’s important to compare different types to find the one that’s the best choice. ... One popular comparison has been OLED vs. NanoCell TVs in an attempt to find the superior product.
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    Understanding TV Tech 2018
    This guide will provide information on key terminology and features to introduce you to our LG Smart TV. ... See our FAQ for questions about 4K viewing or LG AI ThinQ or controlling smart home devices. ... Check out TV Types to learn the...
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