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LG Dishwasher - Not drying

LG Dishwasher - Not drying
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LG Dishwasher - Not drying

  • Loading the dishes properly

  • Plastic items will not dry well, compared to other items.

  • Make sure that items do not touch each other.

  • Deep based items should be placed upside down.

  • The separators on the cutlery rack help keep utensils separated, avoid damage, and improve cleaning.

  • Cycles and options

  • Select correct cycle based on soil level and type of dishware being washed.

  • Refer to owner's manual.

  • Select High Temp and Extra Dry option for better drying performance.

  • Check the rinse aid

  • Rinse Aid is necessary to remove spots and streaks of water from dishes as well as improve drying.

  • The Rinse aid indicator appears in the display when more rinse is needed.

  • Adjust the rinse aid level.

  • Please see owner's manual.

  • Do not use liquid rinse aid if the detergent tablet contains a rinse aid agent.

  • Otherwise, excessive foaming will occur and cause poor drying and streaking on dinnerware.

  • If drying performance is poor or water stains remain, you need to add an extra rinse.

  • Using the AOD feature (Auto Open Door)

  • Activate the AOD (Auto open door) feature. (On some models)

  • The door will open automatically at the end of a program that includes drying, in order to enhance drying performance.

  • In models without the AOD (Auto Open Door) feature, slightly open the door after operation, for better drying results.

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