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Wash Cycles - SideKick™ Washer

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Wash Cycles - SideKick™ Washer



  • Your LG SideKick was built to keep your clothes clean and beautiful.

  • For optimal washing performance, the SideKick offers a variety of washing cycles and settings for different types of loads and fabrics.

  • Make the most out of your laundry time, whether you're washing one small load or running to load simultaneously using the LG twins off system.

  • Please note that the SideKick is designed for use with only high efficiency detergent.

  • Use the measuring device, provided with the machine for proper detergent usage.

  • The normal cycle is the default cycle for the SideKick washer.

  • If you press the start button without selecting a specific cycle, the normal cycle will begin using the default settings.

  • This wash cycle is ideal when you have a few articles of lightly soiled cotton, t-shirts, towels, or jeans.

  • The Intimates cycle can be used to wash delicate items such as lingerie, or shear, and lacy clothing that can easily be damaged in a normal cycle.

  • Do not use this cycle for silk items.

  • The hand wash cycle can be used to wash drinkable woolen, or hand washable items that require delicate care.

  • Make sure to only wash items that are labeled hand wash when selecting the cycle.

  • Keep your favorite yoga outfits, looking brand new the active wear cycle can be used to wash performance garments that are specifically designed and treated for sports and heavy activity.

  • Pretreat stains with the Rinse + Spin cycle which can be used to rinse and spin a load separately from a regular cycle.

  • This can be helpful in preventing stains from setting in fabrics.

  • You can also start a spin only cycle by Selecting the extra rinse button repeatedly until the spin only indicator light illuminates.

  • And the adjusted time will appear in your display.

  • After selecting a wash cycle, you can select additional features for that load.

  • The warm water option is selected by default on some of the available cycles.

  • It can be selected or deselected by pressing the warm water button.

  • The temperature cannot be set on the Rinse + Spin or Tub Clean cycles.

  • Use the extra rinse option to add an extra rinse to all selected cycles besides the tub clean cycle.

  • This option can help ensure the removal of detergent from fabrics.

  • A repeated chime will sound right before the final rinse, so the machine can be paused and liquid fabric softener can be added if so desired.

  • To prevent children from changing cycles or operating the machine, used the Child Lock option to disable the controls.

  • Press and hold the extra rinse button for 3 seconds to activate or deactivate the child lock.

  • When the controls are locked CL will appear on your display.

  • Once the child lock is set it must be deactivated before any controls accept the power button can be used.

  • It is highly recommended that you use the Tub Clean cycle to clean the washing machine tub at least once a month.

  • Make sure the tub is empty, add liquid chlorine bleach mixed solution or tub cleaner.

  • Close the lid select the tub clean cycle, and press the start button and push the drawer closed.

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