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Enhanced Service Plan

Enhanced or additional services that Business customers or SI companies can purchase

LG Enhanced Service Plan

Maximize your investment through the LG Enhanced Service Plan.

Offering innovative and comprehensive service solutions tailored specifically to your business needs, the Enhanced Service Plan provides additional extended repair and service uplifts for all your LG products. Regardless of environment, installation or product requirements, LG makes it simple to not only enhance performance but ensure the service level throughout the life of your products is second to none. Expecting the most out of your products and depending upon the reliability and ease of ownership are just a few of the ways LG Enhanced Service Plan can work for you.

Advantages of Enhanced Service Plan:

  • Protects your product after expiration of the manufacturer's warranty and benefits beginning day one

  • Maximize up time of your display unit with Quick Swap

  • Eliminates the concern over costly repairs and service calls over the life of your products

  • Avoid unseen budgetary or financial surprises relating to unexpected service events

  • Cost of Enhanced Services is usually less than repair costs of the unit

Value-Add Enhanced Service Plan Options

Commercial TV

Large Format Display / Video Wall

Hospitality / Healthcare TV

Hot Swap

White Glove swap service including installation and removal

24HR1, 48HR1

(Includes Installation and Removal)

24HR1, 48HR1

(Includes Installation and Removal)

24HR1, 48HR1

(Includes Installation and Removal)

Quick Swap *

Guaranteed lead times to help you plan

24HR1, 48HR1

24HR1, 48HR1

24HR1, 48HR1

Extended Repair

Send an LG Authorized Service Technician for onsite service

3YR, 4YR, 5YR TTL Coverage

(Extended 1YR, 2YR, 3YR)

4YR, 5YR, 6YR2 TTL Coverage

(Extended 1YR, 2YR, 3YR)

3YR, 4YR, 5YR TTL Coverage

(Extended 1YR, 2YR, 3YR)

*Replacement: LG certified reconditioned will be provided

  1. Not available to all destinations under the circumstances such as geographic locations, weather conditions, national or local disruption in transportation network (as operated and determined by shipping company). Service calls must be made by 2PM CST, calls received after cut off period will be processed the next day. Hours of operation Mon-Fri 8AM-6PM. Please call 888.865.3026 for service.

  2. 6YR (a.k.a. Extended 3YR) coverage term is available for standard extended warranty only. Quick Swap, Onsite Services does not apply with 6YR coverage term.

Various Service Options to Meet Your Application Needs

LG’s Enhanced Service Plan is a robust yet flexible service solution for your business, providing features starting from day one. Repair services after the manufacturer's warranty has ended and extended protection after a product purchase.

Enhanced Service Plan Ensures Restoration is Complete

LG’s Enhanced Service Plan ensures that an operational unit is on its way to your location and allows the maximum amount of uptime vital to your business needs.

LG’s Authorized Service Technicians

LG’s Enhanced Service is supported by a network of more than 3,000 Authorized Service Centers who specialize in the function, handling and repair of LG products. Our one point commercial customer dedicated help desk and nationwide support allows us to be in the right place, at the right time, every time.

Shipping & Logistics Handling

Shipping and logistics management of a defective product can be time consuming and stressful. We take the guesswork out of how a unit is packaged, picked up and delivered to an authorized service center by managing all of the shipping and logistic processes for you.

Fully Transferable within the United States

LG’s Enhanced Service grants all plan holders the ability to transfer the service contract to anyone within the United States. Given the constant change in our business world today, it's nice to know you can still attach protection, regardless of transition.

Please contact with below Contact Point

  • If you have additional questions or would like to purchase Enhanced Service Plan for your recently purchased displays, please contact your sales representative:

    • Large Format/Video Wall/Commercial TV: 800.897.8871
    • Hospitality/Healthcare TV: 800.228.1236
    • Email Address:

Example for HE Product

This Offering Service Will be applicable for HE/H&A Product only, Right Now.

This is the sample image of product model MS29E1S212M of HE.

!The Price is changeable based on the Period Condition (Year, Day)

For Example, If you want to purchase 2 Years Extended W’ty & Within 24 Hour Swap ;

  • - 200 US$ (2 Years Extended W’ty (100 US$) + & Within 24 Hour Swap (80 US&)) will be paid
  • - Above Price is just example. Therefore, The Real Price will be let you know by Above Contact Point
Please Note
  • - Not applicable in every subsidiary as some elements may be offered differently or as part of normal service support. It is recommended that the SI/B2B customers contact your local LG B2B sales person to see which is applicable and available.