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A New Era for Color Dawns As Quantum Dot Meets Nanocell

Quantum Dot meets NanoCell


See Pure Colors Even Richer

Fusing first-class color technologies in a vibrant display, QNED color is in a class of its own.


*LG QNED mini LED is a mini LED TV that combines NanoCell and Quantum Dot technology.

Mini LEDs

A Small Light Makes A Big Difference

LG QNED features Mini LEDs, a smaller, more sophisticated backlight technology. Each LED is under 300um in size—that's 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs—allowing more lights to fit into the screen. Thanks to this, LG QNED can display higher peak brightness, deeper blacks, and greater precision and detail than your average LCD TV.


*QNED99/95/90/85 feature MiniLEDs.
*The number of MiniLED blocks is based on the 86” QNED99 model.
*MiniLED size was calculated using LG's internal measurement standards.

+Precision Dimming Pro

Maximize the Power of PRO

Our most advanced dimming technology, Precision Dimming Pro+, utilizes thousands of individual dimming blocks for precise backlight control. Combined with the α9 Gen5 AI Processor 8K's deep-learning algorithms, which accurately detect and extract object information, this delivers a sharply defined image with enhanced brightness while minimizing halo effect.


There are two TV screens – one on left another on right. There are same images of a colorful crystal on each TV. An image on left is a bit pale while an image on right is very vivid. There is a processor chip image on left bottom corner of a TV on right image.

*The number of blocks is based on the 86” QNED99 model.
*QNED99/95/90(86") feature Precision Dimming Pro+.
*QNED90(75", 65") features Precision Dimming Pro.
*QNED85 features Precision Dimming.
*QNED80 features Dimming Pro.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.


A very colorful digital paint image is divided into two sector – on top is a more colorful and more vivid and on bottom is relatively less colorful and less vivid.
A very colorful digital paint image is divided into two sector – on top is a more colorful and more vivid and on bottom is relatively less colorful and less vivid.

100% Color Volume


We Put Color on Full Blast

Even at full brightness, color doesn’t look washed out on LG QNED thanks to 100% Color Volume. Certified by Intertek, the display can express the full DCI-P3 spectrum across a 3D color space covering the full luminance range, eaning you can enjoy more shades of rich, accurate color no matter how bright or dark the display.


There are two RGB color distribution graph in triangular pole shape. One on left is 70% color volume and one on right is 100% color volume that is fully distributed. The text between the two graphs says Bright and Dark. There is a Intertek certified logo right below.

*QNED99/95/90/85 feature 100% Color Volume.
*Display Color Gamut Volume (CGV) is equivalent to or exceeds the CGV of the DCI-P3 color space as verified independently by Intertek.
*70% Color Volume refers to LG UHD TVs without NanoCell Technology.
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

Ultra Contrast


When It Comes to Contrast There's No Competition

Thanks to its smaller, densely packed backlight technology, Mini LEDs, LG QNED can achieve ultra-sharp contrast through precise control of multiple unique dimming blocks. As a result, images are clearer and halo effect is minimized for a better viewing experience.


There is a Ferris wheel image divided into two TV monitors and on the left looks a more pale and on the right seems a more vivid and bright.

*QNED99/95/90/85 feature Ultra Contrast.

100% Color Consistency


Different Angles, Same Original Color

You don't need to view the TV straight-on to appreciate sensational color on LG QNED.
With 100% Color Consistency, colors are displayed vividly and accurately even when viewed from angles of up to 30°.

*QNED99/95/90 feature 100% Color Consistency.
*Certified by Intertek that 100% Color Consistency measured to CIE DE2000 by 18 color Macbeth patterns with viewing angle ±30°.
*All models supporting 100% Color Consistency have been certified by Intertek.

Real 8K


The Difference is in the Details

LG QNED delivers lifelike detail even on the biggest screens with Real 8K. Achieved through the combination of QNED's innovative display technology with near-perfect contrast modulation levels and close to 33 million pixels, it offers a breathtakingly vivid and realistic viewing experience.



QNED TV monitor shows a very colorful lizard sitting on a colorful leaves. Below QNED TV, there are two small images of a close-up of part of lizard showing details of skin. On the left is 4K LCD version and on the right is 8K mini LED version. 8K mini LED image is a more vivid and clearer.

*Featured only in 8K models (QNED99/95).
*Images are simulated to enhance feature understanding.

Awe-inspiring Sizes

Blockbuster Home Cinema

Immersive Gaming

With QNED 99 in the center, the entire QNED lineup is shown on the left and right.

See Which QNED TV is Perfect for You

A side view of the LG OLED C2 and LG OLED G2 Gallery Edition facing each other across a dark room with bright, colorful artworks on their screens.

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