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LG gram B2B promotional warranty

LG IT PC gram 2021 - 2023

*Extended warranty takes effect automatically after default manufacturing warranty ends.


LG IT PC gram 2021 - 2023 promotional warranty

24 months of extended warranty is applicable to product which is purchased within the promotion period

Total warranty = Basic warranty (12 months) + Extended warranty (24 months) = 36 months

Promotion start date

Promotion end date


Model suffix

2021-06-01 2022-12-31gram basic14Z90P-V.AP75A3
gram basic14Z90P-V.AP76A3
gram basic16Z90P-V.AP75A3
gram basic16Z90P-V.AP76A3
gram basic17Z90P-V.AP75A3
gram basic17Z90P-V.AP76A3
gram basic17Z90Q-V.AP75A3
gram basic17Z90Q-V.AP55A3
gram basic16Z90Q-V.AP75A3
gram basic16Z90Q-V.AP55A3
gram basic14Z90Q-V.AP75A3
gram basic14Z90Q-V.AP55A3
2023-02-01 2024-06-30gram basic17Z90R-V.AP75A3
gram basic17Z90R-V.AP55A3
gram basic16Z90R-V.AP78A3
gram basic16Z90R-V.AP75A3
gram basic16Z90R-V.AP55A3
gram basic14Z90R-V.AP75A3
gram basic14Z90R-V.AP55A3
2023-05-01 2025-04-30Ultra PC(AMD)14U70R-V.AP56A3
Ultra PC(AMD)16U70R-V.AP56A3
Ultra PC(AMD)14Z90R-V.AS75A3


Q)  I registered my laptop online the extended warranty period was not reflect in my account.

A)  Promotional extended warranty will not be reflected in user account, should you wish to claim your extended warranty, please contact LG service centre support and share your laptop purchase date for further assistance.