LG Pay Information & FAQs

LG Pay Wallet US Decommission – Consumer FAQ

1. What is happening to LG Pay?

A. LG has made the difficult decision to phase out the LG Pay Wallet service in the United States (“LG Pay”) over the remainder of 2021, and to completely discontinue the LG Pay US service on November 1, 2021.

2. Will all functionality within LG Pay remain available until termination?

A. No. You will be able to make payments using the cards you have already provisioned on LG Pay until termination. However, in preparing termination, the following functionality is scheduled to be modified as follows:

(a) Beginning on June 1, 2021, users will no longer be able to purchase or add gift cards to LG Pay.

(b) Beginning July 23, 2021, LG Pay will no longer accept new customers and existing customers will not be able to register new credit cards.

3. Will the LG Pay termination affect my other LG services?

A. No. Your LG Account, and other LG services connected to your account, will remain active and unaffected.

4. Are users required to take any action before the LG Pay US decommission?

A. No. LG Pay US Wallet services will be automatically cancelled by the system on November 1, 2021. However, we strongly encourage that:

(a) for our users that have an LG Pay Perks Card with a remaining balance, to you use your remaining funds prior to the service termination; and

(b) for our users that have any gift cards in their LG Pay wallet, to back them up for future use by saving the card number and pin outside of LG Pay.

5. How do I back up my gift cards and loyalty cards?

A. Gift Card: Launch LG Pay app > Select Gift cards tab > Select the gift card that you would like to back up > Launch LG PayQuick by clicking the button on the bottom > Authenticate using fingerprint or PIN > Find the gift card number & PIN information on the screen. You can then take a screenshot and/or write down the gift card number & PIN.

Loyalty Card: Launch LG Pay app > Select Loyalty tab > Select the loyalty card that you would like to back up > Click the barcode or the QR Code or the magnifier button > Find the loyalty card number on the screen. You can then take a screenshot and/or write down the gift card number & PIN.

6. Do I have to tell my bank, credit card issue, or gift card issuer about the LG Pay US termination?

A. No. you don't need to notify your banks or issuer. However, please consult with your bank or issuer regarding any specific card related customer service questions.

7. What if I want to unenroll from LG Pay earlier and delete my LG Pay data?

A. You can unenroll from LG Pay within the app by following the steps below. Once unenrolled, all LG Pay data associated with the account with be deleted and unrecoverable. We recommend that you back up your gift card numbers, loyalty card numbers, PINs, and remaining balances if available before proceeding with the service cancellation.

Select overflow menu (3 dots on top right) > Settings > “About LG Pay” > “Terminate service.”

8. What if I want to delete my entire LG Account?

A. If you would like to delete your LG Account, please follow the instructions below. However, please note that this will affect all of your LG services (e.g., ThinQ, LG.com, TV).

Launch “Settings" > Select "Accounts" > Select the LG Account that you signed in with > Select "Cancel membership" > Review and agree to "Account deletion and agreement" by checking "I have read and understand all of the above information" > Click "Agree" > Check "Delete LG Account" > Select a reason for Account Deletion from the list > Click "OK."