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LG Announces Pricing and Availability of Its 2024 Ultragear OLED Gaming Monitor Lineup





2024 LG UltraGear OLED Gaming Monitor Lineup Introduces Four Monitors to Its Lineup of Award Winning Gaming Monitors


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, March 11, 2024 — LG Electronics (LG) announced today pricing and availability of its 2024 UltraGearTM OLED gaming monitors, designed to provide superior gaming experiences. The lineup is led by the 45GS95QE-B — an immersive 45-inch curved LG OLED monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The expanded lineup includes the highly anticipated CES 2024 Innovation Award-winning 32-inch 4K gaming monitor (model 32GS95UE) equipped with the new Dual Mode feature which allows gamers to switch between 4K (3,840 x 2,160) at 240Hz and Full-HD (1,920 x 1,080) at 480Hz with one simple click.


The company is also introducing its 39- and 34-inch models with ultra-wide curved screens: the 39GS95QE and 34GS95QE. All four models are now available for pre-order thru March 17, 2024 at LG.com (shipping expected in late March and throughout April) and available later at LG-authorized retailers. 


Customers who place a pre-order for the 45GS95QE-B, 39GS95QE or 34GS95QE UltraGear OLED gaming monitors via LG.com are eligible to receive a $200 Virtual Mastercard® prepaid card. Terms and conditions apply.


The First Dual Mode UltraGear Monitor to Offer 4K at 240Hz / FHD at 480Hz

The groundbreaking 32GS95UE is the World’s First VESA Certified Dual Mode gaming monitor. This newly introduced capability lets users instantly apply the optimal combination of screen resolution and refresh rate for the genre of game they’re playing. For fast-paced action titles and shooting games, users can select FHD at 480Hz, while visually rich story-driven games can be enjoyed in 4K at 240Hz.


In addition to the Dual Mode feature, the 32-inch LG UltraGear OLED monitor possesses an impressive 0.03ms (GtG) response time that helps eliminate motion blur, boost clarity and deliver dynamic gameplay. The 32GS95UE further enhances the user experience with its minimal screen bezels and powerful, nuanced sound. LG’s 4-side virtually borderless design provides a stunning display that doesn’t distract from the on-screen action.


A Step Up With Pixel Sound

The monitor creates an exhilarating, three-dimensional soundscape with Pixel Sound technology and an integrated front-facing sound system featuring two woofers and support for DTS Virtual:X. With Pixel Sound, the screen is essentially the sound. Sound waves are emitted from behind the OLED panel to drive sound from the screen directly at the player - versus speakers from underneath or behind the screen. The result is full, rich audio that's the perfect complement to LG’s premium OLED picture quality.


Elevating Gaming Immersion Through Innovative Design

The 34GS95QE and its larger sibling, the 39-inch 39GS95QE, expand the gaming experience with their 800R-curved, 21:9 aspect ratio UltraWide Quad-HD (3,440 x 1,440) resolution OLED displays. Elevating user immersion, these panoramic monitors also feature LG’s Anti-Glare & Low Reflection Coating, a 4-side borderless design, 240Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms (GtG) response time. The 800R curvature and cinematic 21:9 format of the 34GS95QE and 39GS95QE, together with LG’s OLED display tech, add a new dimension to gaming and content viewing.


The latest LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitors also incorporate the new Unity Hexagonal design rear cover, seamlessly integrating sleek aesthetics with efficient cable management. The slim ‘L’ Stand, introduced this year, offers ergonomic benefits, stability and space-efficiency. Along with tilt-, height- and swivel-adjustability, the stand has a smaller footprint than 2023’s V-shaped stand, helping to free up space and increase desk usability. The stylish and functional stand also provides installation flexibility and contributes to the monitors’ unapologetically futuristic look.


2024 LG UltraGear OLED Monitors



45-inch class (44.5 inches diagonal)


Shipping expected April 2024



39-inch class (39 inches diagonal)


Shipping expected March 2024



34-inch class (33.9 inches diagonal)


Shipping expected March 2024



32-inch class (31.5 inches diagonal)


Shipping expected April 2024






More Models to Meet Gamers’ Diverse Demands

Along with the new 34- and 39-inch curved models, LG’s 2024 UltraGear OLED gaming monitor lineup welcomes the 45GS95QE. Meeting gamer's demands for increased screen space, this 45-inch monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio provides more screen area than a 49-inch screen at a 32:9 aspect ratio. The result is more screen that delivers a bigger and more captivating gaming experience.


The 45-inch 45GS95QE takes users deeper into their favorite games with its UltraWide QHD resolution curved (800R) OLED display delivering realistic visuals. Officially validated by NVIDIA® as G-SYNC Compatible1 and having built-in AMD FreeSyncTM Premium Pro, the 45GS95QE ensures faster, smoother gaming that’s been tested to reduce screen tearing and stutter.


Gamers can also enjoy smoother, vivid colors and high-resolution graphics thanks to HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4. Both connections are supported on this display and let you experience up to 240Hz refresh rate and a .03 ms response time.2


To learn more about the new UltraGear OLED gaming monitors, visit LG.com.


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