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LG HVAC Solutions Featured in NAHB 2021 ‘Net Zero’ Showcase Home


ALPHARETTA, Ga., Feb. 11, 2021 — Air conditioning technologies innovator LG Electronics is highlighting stylish, flexible and efficient home comfort solutions for residential projects during IBSx, the 2021 International Builders’ Show® virtual experience.


The LG HVAC innovations offer builders, contractors and architects a wide range of flexible design and installation options for new construction and retrofit projects alike. LG’s residential and light commercial offerings for indoor comfort include variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, customizable control systems and powerful ducted and duct-free heating and cooling solutions, available in single- and multi-zone configurations.

A number of LG’s expanded line of single- and multi-zone products for residential and light commercial projects now feature industry-leading LGRED˚ (Reliable to Extreme Degrees) heating technology. Boasting 100% of rated heating capacity performance down to 5°F and continuous heating operations down to -13˚F, LG single zone systems with LGRED˚ provide builders and homeowners with an electric option that reliably delivers year-round heating and cooling in an all-in-one inverter heat pump system. LG single zone systems with LGRED˚ offer a better alternative to fossil fuels and expensive, supplemental heat sources, meeting the market preference for more efficient homes.


“Technologies on display at the IBSx show home builders how LG remains committed to pushing the industry forward and delivering the most innovative end-to-end solutions for the residential space,” said Steve Scarbrough, senior vice president, LG Air Conditioning Technologies USA. “From our award-winning VRF technology to flexible, stylish heating and cooling systems and versatile controls and connectivity products, LG is paving the way for more-efficient indoor comfort and advanced home automation.”

For the second year in a row, the National Association of Home Builders selected LG as Platinum Partner for The New American Remodel® (TNAR), official show home of IBSx. Outfitted with efficient HVAC solutions from LG, TNAR 2021 is a state-of-the-art net zero home illustrating how today’s building innovations can transform any home into a high-performance, high-tech space, while reducing energy consumption, increasing efficiency and enhancing daily life. (See separate news release.)


During IBSx, LG is educating homebuilders about its 2021 product offerings for the residential construction market:


LG Multi-position Vertical Air Handling Unit with LGRED˚

Powered by LGRED˚ Heat Technology, the new LG VAHU delivers an electric single- source heating and cooling solution without sacrificing energy efficiency or performance. A single zone inverter heat pump with a ducted air handler, the LG Multi-position unit is available in capacities ranging from 18,000 to 48,000 Btu/h and features LG Inverter technology and is ENERGY STAR® certified for year-round efficiency.


LG Multi V™ M1 High Static Ducted Chassis

Thanks to a new integrated control box design, LG’s new Multi V™ M1 High Static Ducted Chassis has a reduced width, making it ideal for space critical applications and is optimized for improved service access to electrical components. Also new to the High Static Ducted Chassis is higher external static pressure range for greater filtration capability and an improved filter design for easier routine filter maintenance.


LG 4-Way Ceiling Cassette

LG’s four-way airflow ceiling-cassette indoor units are available in 2x2 and 3x3 sizes and feature an aesthetically pleasing indoor unit design and easy duct-free installation. With four-way controlled louvers and fan speed features, these duct-free split heat-pump systems allow for even air distribution in large, open spaces, while wireless remote or wired wall-mount control compatibility enable easy control.


LG Multi V™ S Heat Recovery Unit

LG’s Multi V S – the U.S. market’s first single-phase VRF five-ton heat recovery system – is a compact unit designed to provide the versatility of simultaneous heating and cooling in up to 12 zones. With a smaller capacity (60,000 Btu/h cooling; 64,000 Btu/h heating), compact design and single-phase power, the Multi V S helps builders ensure user comfort by providing a simple HVAC solution for homes. The Multi V S also features LG’s inverter scroll compressor, allowing the unit to provide cooling capabilities in ambient temperatures up to 122 °F and heating operation down to -13 °F.


LG Art Cool™ Premier

Featuring a sleek design, the ENERGY STAR certified LG Art Cool Premier Single Zone Wall Mount Split System packages a refined aesthetic and powerful performance in a single system. An inverter variable split system, this indoor unit is measurably quieter and consumes less energy than conventional air conditioners, providing builders, designers, architects and contractors a stylish and versatile option, without sacrificing energy-efficient functionality. Compatible with the LG ThinQ® app, heating and cooling preferences can be remote controlled at the touch of a smartphone and seamlessly connected to other smart LG home appliances and products for a smart home ecosystem experience.


LG Hydro Kit

The award-winning LG Hydro Kit is an indoor heat exchanger for LG VRF systems, capable of transferring heat or cooling energy expelled from the air conditioning process to water, further capitalizing on the efficiency of LG heat recovery and heat pump systems. Available in 42,000 and 96,000 Btu/h capacities, the Hydro Kit enables homeowners to enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly heat recovery without the need for fossil fuels.


LG Low Wall Console

One of the U.S. market’s first single zone compact heating or cooling low wall console units, the LG Low Wall Console Unit is the ideal heating and cooling solution for residential applications and is available in 9,000 to 15,000 Btu/h capacity ranges. Designed for markets where heating days outnumber cooling days, this indoor solution increases design flexibility and is the ideal choice for rooms with gabled ceilings or sunrooms. For added convenience, the LG Low Wall Console comes embedded with LG ThinQ technology and can be controlled anywhere via the accompanying smartphone app and seamlessly connected to other smart LG home appliances and products for a smart home ecosystem experience.


LG Split Indoor Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Ideal for multi-family building projects, the new LG Split Indoor DOAS conditions and supplies outdoor air for improved indoor air quality without sacrificing energy efficiency. Using advanced heat pump technology, the unit delivers a heating solution for applications with outdoor air requirements and is ideal for multi-family residential projects as well as education, office, retail and hospitality applications. Designed specifically for LG VRF systems, new Split Indoor DOAS systems integrate seamlessly with LG VRF controls and are packed with advanced features for improved efficiency.


For more information on LG’s complete portfolio of indoor comfort solutions and controls, visit lghvac.com.


Tours of TNAR, the NAHB IBSx showcase home are being offered virtually. Visit The New American Remodel’s virtual experience to learn more about the construction process, as well as the final showcase home. The home will be featured indefinitely on buildersshow.com.


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