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V-Chip Upgrade Available for DVD Players/Recorders


Parents can have V-Chip program blocking functionality added to the following models of DVD players/recorders with digital tuner through a software upgrade:


RC797T and DR787T


(Note: Devices made since September, 2007 already have V-Chip functionality included. For information on how to determine the date your device was made, click here "How to determine the date your device was made."


If you’re interested in adding V-Chip functionality to your DVD players/recorders with digital tuner, you have two options:


1. Download the software upgrade

Click here for detailed instructions on completing the software upgrade

Download the software for the RC797T

Download the software for the DR787T

Request LG to send a disc with the software upgrade by mail by calling 1-800-243-0000.

2. Download changes to user manual  

For more information about the V-Chip, visit the V-Chip information website of the Federal Communications Commission at