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V-Chip Upgrade Available for Digital Television Receivers


All LG digital television receivers with screen sizes of 13-inches or larger sold in the United States
include a capability known as a V-Chip, which permits parents to block television programming
based on the content ratings systems currently used in the U.S.
These systems include the TV Parental Guidelines (e.g., TV-Y, TV-PG, TV-MA, etc.)
and MPAA Ratings ( e.g., G, PG-13, NC-17, etc.).

For those parents who wish to have the ability to block programs based on a new content rating
system that may become available in the future, LG can upgrade your receiver now to prepare for
that possibility.
Note: LG receivers made since 14th.Sep. 2007 already have this feature included.

For information on how to determine if your set needs an upgrade, click here.

The upgrade is a software fix that can be installed in your receiver by downloading a software ;
See below regarding how to download this software.

Although LG is unaware of any broadcasters or other program distributors who are using
a new content ratings system, this upgrade will give your set the capability to respond to such a new system should one become available.

This V-Chip upgrade is currently available for the following models:


  32 LB4DS-UA

  32LB9 D-UA


  37LB5 DF-UC


  42 LB5 DF-UC


  47LB5 DF-UC

  47LB9 DF-UA



  52LB9 DF-UA


  60PY3 DF-UA

  50PY3 DF-UA


  23 LS7D-UB











  60PC1 D-UE





  42PC3 DV-UE

  50PC3 D-UE















































If you're interested in the V-Chip upgrade, please click here.

For more information about the V-Chip, visit the V-Chip information website of the Federal
Communications Commission at