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LG Monitor - How to Update On Screen Control Firmware

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What is On Screen Control?
This is a program that helps you easily control the monitor connected to your computer.

➔ A function to automatically update to the latest version firmware provided in the monitor software update item.

  • The OSC program can be downloaded using the following path: LG Electronics website → Customer support → Driver S/W → Monitor → Enter the model name.
  • If your PC is connected to the Internet, you can update by executing or opening a file in Monitor Software Update in OSC Monitor Settings.
  • Connect the PC and the monitor using a USB C to A or USB C to C cable.

Try this

[On Screen Control] How to update the monitor software

1. Execute [ On Screen Control On Screen Control] from the [ start Start] menu on Windows taskbar.

2. Select [ Monitor settings Monitor settings].

3. Select [Execute] from Monitor Software Update.
※ You can update the firmware to the latest version from Monitor Software Update. (Firmware update is provided only for certain models.)

4. If you set monitor software update notification to [ON], you can receive notifications of the latest firmware updates.

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