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LG TV - How to Connect a Sound Bar with an Optical Cable

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At a Glance

You can connect an external sound system to your LG TV using an optical cable connection. You only need to change the Sound Out setting of the TV to Optical Out Device.

Try This

Change the TV's Sound Out setting to Optical
  • 2020 WebOS5.0 or older: [All Settings] → [Sound] → [Sound Out] → [Optical].
  • 2022 WebOS22 & 2021 WebOS6.0: [All Settings] → [Sound] → [Sound Out] → [Use Wired Speaker] → [Optical Out Drive].

1Prepare the optical cable.

optical cable image

2Check that the shape of the optical cable matches the U-shape optical plugs on the devices and connect it. If the shape is different, do not connect.


If you try to connect the optical cable with excessive force, the terminal may break.

Optical in on sound bar plugged in and optical out on tv.

3On the connected device, change the input source to optical.

  • The steps for changing the input will vary depending on the device.
  • Some devices may configure automatically once connected to the TV.
LG input button on remote

4On the LG TV, press the [Settings] button on the remote control and select [All Settings].

Settings button on remote and settings button on TV

5Select [Sound] then [Sound Out].

Sound menu with sound out selected.

6Select [Use Wired Speaker].

Use Wired Speaker selected in Sound OUt Menu

7 Select [Optical Out Device]

Optical out device selected

If successful, sound should be played through the connected device. If the process failed check the connections and the input source of the connected device.

If you wish to setup universal control, please see our LG TV- How to Use the Universal Control Feature article.

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