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LG Range / Cooktop – Troubleshooting Heating Issues

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LG Range / Cooktop – Troubleshooting Heating Issues

At a Glance

If your electric cooktop is not heating properly, it can be related to improper cookware, incorrect burner settings, or inadequate power.


If an error code is present in the control panel display, please visit our LG Range - Error Codes article for further assistance.

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How to Use the Cooktop

This video will show you how to use the cooktop on an electric range. Caution: To avoid burns, wear oven mitts or use pot holders if you need to touch the cooktop surface while it is still hot. For safety, wait until the range has cooled down.

The cooktop consists of single elements, a dual element, a triple element, and a warm zone. The printed design on the glass may differ by model. There are three types of cooktop radiant elements: single, dual, and triple. The cooking areas are identified by circles on the cooktop surface.

Use the dual element as a dual or single element. Use the triple element as a single, dual, or triple element. The center rear element on the cooktop is the warm zone. Use the warm zone to keep food warm after it has already been cooked. Do not use this element to cook food. The warm zone will not glow red like the other cooking elements during operation.

To turn an element on, push the cooktop element knob. Turn the knob in either direction to the desired setting. For dual and triple burners, the icons on the knobs show which way to turn the knob to use the dual or triple settings. The icons used may vary by model.

When reassembling the knobs, hold the knob so the mark end is pointing up. The back of each burner knob is marked with a letter. To reassemble the knobs in the correct locations, match the letter on the knob to the letter etched into the metal near each valve shaft. The knob without the mark is the knob that controls the oven mode.

It is normal for the surface elements to cycle on and off during cooking, even on higher settings. This is to protect the cooktop glass from overheating. This cycling may happen more or less frequently depending on temperature setting and usage conditions. As mentioned earlier, the warm zone will not glow red like the other cooking elements during operation.

There are two indicator lights on the front panel: burner on and hot surface. The burner on indicator turns on when the knob for a cooktop element is turned. The hot surface indicator light stays lit as long as any surface cooking area is too hot to touch. It remains on after elements are turned off and until the surface has cooled to approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the elements do not turn on after turning the knob, check whether the "LOC" code is displayed. "LOC" means the oven is in control lock mode. When the control lock feature is activated, the cooktop does not operate. To deactivate the control lock feature, press and hold "Ctrl Lock" for three seconds.

Try This

  1. Confirm you are using the proper cookware

    If improper cookware is being used, it will heat unevenly or not reach the appropriate temperature.

    image showing different types of cookware bottom surfaces
  2. Confirm you are not using the Warm Zone element

    The Warming Zone, located in the back center of glass surface, will keep cooked food at serving temperature.
    The warmer will not get hot enough to cook or continue cooking food.
    Attempting to cook uncooked or cold food on the Warming Zone could result in a food-borne illness.

    picture showing the warm zone
  3. Confirm the pan covers the entire cooking area

    The cooking areas on your range are identified by permanent circles on the glass cook top surface.
    For the most efficient cooking, fit the pan size to the element size

    image showing the cooking areas
  4. Confirm the burner is set to the proper setting

    When a control is turned on, a glow can be seen through the glass cook top surface.
    If the glow extends outside of the cookware or is not visible, readjust the burner settings

    image showing the settings and the size of the burner affected

If the problem continues, the unit will require a repair service for a proper diagnosis. Request a repair with our 24/7 Chat Support

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