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LG Refrigerator – Why is My Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

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If your LG refrigerator is no longer making ice, it may be due to water supply problems, the ice maker is off, or because the freezer temperature is not cold enough. Follow the troubleshooting steps below to resolve the issue.


If you see any error codes on the display, please see our Error Codes - Refrigerator article for more assistance.

Try This

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  1. Select your refrigerator type:

    Side-by-Side French Door Side-by-Side Side-by-Side Side-by-Side Bottom Freezer Side-by-Side Top-Freezer
  2. Has the unit been installed longer than 24 hours?

    Yes No
  3. Is there ice in the bin?

    Yes No
  4. Is the freezer temperature colder or warmer than -4°F?

    Colder Warmer
  5. Is the ice maker turned on?

    Yes No
  6. Show Script

    [LG Refrigerators] Testing the Twist Tray of Ice Maker

    If your ice maker was working but now is not making ice, there is a simple diagnostic test you can run that may provide some insight on what that problem is. To run the ice maker's test mode: Pull the handle to open the ice room. Remove the ice bucket.

    Today we'll show you how to run the test mode on two styles of ice makers. On this first model, this is the power button. Make sure it is turned on. The test button is underneath, here, below the ice tray.

    There's a light sensor that prevents the ice bucket from overfilling. Place a towel on the ice room to catch any water or ice that may fall when you run the test mode.

    Press and hold the test button for about three seconds, the ice maker will begin to turn. If water or ice were to fall from the tray the towel is there to catch it. The tray only holds about four or five ounces of water.

    Here's a different style of ice maker on this model. There is no power switch and no tray. Even though there's no tray, you should still place a towel below the ice maker before running the test mode on this unit. You will need a thin piece of metal like a paper clip to press the test mode button. You place it in the hole and press and hold the button for about three seconds until the arms start to turn. One note about this model of ice maker: For the first two hours the refrigerator has been plugged in, the ice maker test can only be run once.

    If you wish to run the test mode a second time after a recent installation, unplug the unit for about 30 seconds to reset the ice maker. If the refrigerator has been plugged in for more than two hours, test mode can be run multiple times.

    Running this ice maker test mode will provide two key pieces of information: Did the motor run? Was there water or ice in the tray? This assumes that the water supply to the refrigerator is secure and in good shape.

    If the answer is “no” to either of these questions, the refrigerator most likely needs service. Visit to find a local repair center near you.

    To reset the ice maker, make sure that you:

    1. Locate the ice maker and remove the bin.
    2. Grasp the ice maker and shake it a couple of times up and down. Do this firmly but gently.
    3. Replace the bin and power OFF the unit for 30 seconds (trip the breaker or unplug the unit).
    4. Power the unit back ON.

    After 4 - 6 hours, if the unit is still not producing ice, or harvesting ice, the unit will require repair service. Request a repair with our 24/7 Chat Support.


    If the icemaker resets and cycles successfully, monitor the ice production. If the ice maker fails to cycle, the unit will require repair service. Request a repair with our 24/7 Chat Support.

  7. If your unit was recently installed, it may take up to 24 hours for each compartment to reach the desired temperature and for the ice maker to begin making ice.

    Ensure the icemaker is turned on and allow 24 hours for ice production to begin.

  8. Please visit our LG Refrigerator - Ice Doesn't Dispense article for more assistance.

  9. The freezer must maintain an internal temperature below 19°F. The minimum recommended temperature for ice production is -4°F (-20°C).

    If the freezer temperature is set at a warmer temperature, then ice will be produced at a slower rate.

    It is recommended you lower the freezer temperature to -4°F or lower and allow 24 hours for ice production to begin.

  10. Power ON the ice maker and allow 24 hours for ice production to begin. Power to the Icemaker is controlled by an ON/OFF switch located on the left side of the Icemaker.

    image showing on/off switch location

    If your Icemaker doesn't have a power switch, the Control Panel should have an Ice On/Ice Off Option.


    If ICE ON is not illuminated, press and hold the Ice On/Ice Off button for 3-5 seconds until you see the words ICE ON are illuminated.

    image showing location
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