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Not Cooling - Refrigerator

  • Troubleshooting
Cooling Issues - Refrigerator

NOTE: If you see any error code on the display screen, please visit our Error Codes - Refrigerator article to troubleshoot and prevent the error from showing again.

  1. recent installation

    Was the unit recently installed?

    Yes No
  2. Recent Installation.

    Since the unit was recently installed, the unit must be allowed AT LEAST 24 - 48 HOURS for the internal temperature to stabilize.

  3. no power

    Did you experience a recent power outage?

  4. Wait for 24 Hours.

    When there is a power outage, the unit must be allowed AT LEAST 24 - 48 HOURS for the internal temperature to stabilize.

  5. NOTE: Before we proceed, we must perform a MANDATORY power supply check.

    How to perform power supply check
    1. Check if the power cord is fully plugged in.

    2. Try unplugging the unit or trip the circuit breaker for 30 seconds to RESET THE REFRIGERATOR. You should hear the compressor kick back on and the unit will stabilize and start cooling within 24 hours. If not, then there is a power supply problem and the unit will require a repair service.

    3. If the home power supply is NOT ADEQUATE, the lights and display screen may turn ON, but the COMPRESSOR may NOT activate. Refer to your owner's manual for the recommended power voltage.

    4. Test another device on the outlet, if another device is working on the outlet, then the unit is not receiving any power. It will require a repair service; please visit our Request a Repair page.

    Did you perform the power supply check?

  6. Sorry, you must perform the power supply check above to determine if the unit is receiving enough power or no power.

  7. thermometer

    Check the settings of the unit to ensure that the unit is set to the right temperature.

    How to measure temperature accurately

    Using a thermometer, the temperature of the food may be different from the unit's internal temperature. The temperature measured by a thermometer can change depending on where the unit is placed and the frequency of opening the door.

    • Place a thermometer inside a liquid item that has been inside the refrigerator for more than 24 hours such as juice, milk, a jar of pickles, or any other similar condiment to get a more accurate reading of the average temperature inside the unit.

    • The best place to put the thermometer is in the upper drawer center, inside the freezer and/or the upper shelf center, inside the refrigerator.

    • Do not place thermometer next to warm/hot food inside the refrigerator.


    Is the temperature that was measured within 10° of the set Temperature?

    Yes No
  8. feel the moisture

    When you open the door,
    do you feel any moisture on the walls or see any fog on the shelves?

    Yes No
  9. Good news, based on your answers to the questions above it appears that your unit is only not cooling enough.

    Let's optimize!

    Which part of the refrigerator is not cooling enough?

  10. Good news, based on your answers to the questions above it appears that your unit is only not cooling enough.

    Let's optimize!

    Which part of the refrigerator is not cooling enough?

  11. Based on your answers to the questions above it appears that your unit is going to require a service visit.

    How long have you owned your unit?

  12. repair

    You are still in Warranty for this particular problem

    Need to setup repair for your appliance or other refrigerator?

    Start a service request

  13. repair

    You are out of Warranty

    You can still get a repair service even though you are out of warranty. Follow the steps below.

    NOTE: Over time dust and debris can build up on the condenser of your unit. This can result in a loss of cooling performance. Try using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to clean the condenser cover and vents. Do not remove the panel covering the back of the unit.

    clean condenser
    1. Contact your extended warranty provider.

      If you are presently covered by an extended warranty service provider, please contact your provider to request an out of warranty repair.

    2. Find LG repair service center.

      LG provides authorized repair service centers all across the nation that can repair your unit. Click the link below to find your nearest LG authorized repair service center by entering your address and product.

      Find LG Repair Service Center Can’t find a technician in your area?
    3. Call our customer service

      If you do not have an extended warranty and cannot locate a nearby repair service provider, please call us at 800-243-0000.

  14. Refrigerator Only

    Watch the video below and follow the recommended steps underneath to troubleshoot cooling issues.

    7 quick steps to follow:

    1. Adjust temperature settings.

      Check to see that the unit is set to its optimal setting. 37 DEGREES is the recommended temperature for the refrigerator and 0 DEGREES for the freezer.

      What is your refrigerator and freezer temperature?

      RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Adjust the setting to lower the temperature.

      ABOVE RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: Adjust the setting to lower the temperature.

      BELOW RECOMMENDED SETTINGS: You do NOT need to adjust the temperature.

      If the thermometer measures the temperature more than 4°F warmer than the set temperature, this is a normal operation.

      set your temperature
    2. Ensure DEMO Mode is deactivated.

      Your LG refrigerator is equipped with a DEMO MODE or DISPLAY MODE. This feature disables all cooling in the refrigerator and freezer sections to conserve energy while on display in a retail store.

      When DEMO MODE is activated, OF F will appear on the control panel.

      Demo Mode
      How to Deactivate Demo Mode
    3. x

      For most models, to disable DEMO/DISPLAY MODE:

      • With either refrigerator door opened press and hold the REFRIGERATOR and ICE PLUS buttons at the same time for five seconds.

      • After holding the buttons for five seconds, the control panel will beep, and the temperature settings will display to confirm that DEMO MODE is deactivated.

      Note: If the first 3 numbers of your units serial number starts with 901 or larger, you will need to tap the ICE PLUS key 3 times while holding the REFRIGERATOR button.

      Refer to your owner's manual for model specific instructions.

    4. Hot food in the unit.

      Adding hot food to the refrigerator compartment will temporarily spread heat throughout the unit. The unit will require some time to cool down the hot food and regulate its internal temperature.

    5. Food is blocking the vents.

      When there is too much food blocking the air vents of the refrigerator, cold air will be prevented from circulating throughout the unit properly.

      Also, just a few items in the refrigerator can cause cooling to be obstructed because the unit will always try to regulate itself when it's circulating too much cold air.

      How to fix this:

      • Re-arrange the food to make sure that it's not blocking the vents.

      • Watch the video below to understand how the unit multi air flow and multi-sensors work.

      How Multi Airflow System Works
    6. Frequently opening the door.

      If the unit is opened too frequently, the unit will not be able to maintain a regulated temperature.

      Avoid frequent and unnecessary opening of the door to enable the unit to conserve cold air circulation throughout the unit.

      avoid opening the door

      opening freezer
    7. Space to the wall.

      The unit must not be too close to the wall, make sure there is enough clearance on all sides of the unit.

      Recommended spacing:

      • Side space for cabinet: 1/8" from the cabinet.

      • Side space for wall: 2" from the wall.

      • Top space around cabinet and wall: At least 1-2".

      space around unit
    8. Check the door switch.

      If you keep hearing the door alarm sound, even when the door is closed. It means the door switch did not detect the door closing. Thus, cold air will not blow in the unit, and the unit will not get cold.

      How to check door switch

      The door switch may be disconnected. Test the door switch according to it's type and watch if the fluorescent lights in the unit turn OFF.


      Push in the door switch to see if the lights turn off.

      Push Door Switch


      Place a magnet over the switch to see if the lights turn off.

      Magnetic Reed Switch

      If your unit has two doors, repeat the steps for the LEFT door, using the switch to test if the lights turn off.

      If the lights DO NOT turn off, the door switch may be disconnected. Follow the steps below to check the door switch connection. Even if the lights turn off, check the door switch because a slightly loose connection can cause cooling issues.

      NOTE: After checking all connectors and pushing them in firmly, if you still hear the alarm sound again, the unit will require a repair service. Please visit our Request a Repair page.

    9. Check door sealing.

      When the door is not properly sealing, cold air will escape from the door seal which will prevent the unit from cooling efficiently.

      • Ensure that no food items are blocking the door from closing.

      • Check behind the shelves and drawers to ensure that food and other items have not fallen behind them.

      • When you open the door, you should check if the mullion is working properly as described in the Not Cold Enough - Refrigerator video.

      • If the mullion is not working properly, you will need to adjust the leveling of the door. Please visit our Leveling Instructions - Refrigerator content.

    10. Request a Repair

      If you have done everything above the the unit is still not cooling, then you may need to request a repair. Please visit our Request a Repair page to schedule a repair service.

      If your unit is out of warranty, please contact your extended warranty service provider or call us at at 800-243-0000.

  15. Freezer Only.

    When the freezer section is not cooling enough, ensure the freezer door is not always opened too frequently.

    6 quick steps to follow:

  16. Entire Unit.

    5 quick steps to follow:

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