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Accessibility Help

This page explains how to use accessibility features offered by Windows, Web Browsers, or LG.COM in order to help users to use LG.COM in a more accessible way. If you are using a keyboard or assistive technologies instead of using a mouse, please select ‘Keyboard Controls’ tab. If you can’t see very well, please select ‘Visually Impaired’ tab. If you can’t hear very well, please select ‘Hearing Impaired’ tab.
In this section, you can find how to:
Adjust System Volume
01.Select ‘Hardware and Sound’ in the control panel.
02.Select ‘Adjust System Volume'.
03. Use the volume control to increase or decrease sound to the desired level.

LG Product Service and Support

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LG strives to make files on our website accessible. If you need a file that currently is not,
please contact our customer service department through Live Chat / Telephone / Email to request it.