LG MULTI V 5 is an integrated solution that combines advanced technologies for high rise buildings. It provides maximum energy efficiency while minimizing operational costs and its dual Sensing control senses humidity & temperature.

Image of Multi V 5 harmonizing with clean nature.


The Multi V 5, alongside the indoor unit with powerful air purification and the efficient ventilation, allows you and your building to breathe clean and fresh air just like the ones in a forest.

An image representing the ultimate efficiency of Multi V 5.

Ultimate efficiency

MULTI V 5 ensures world’s best class energy efficiency with innovative technologies.

An image representing the dual sensing control of Multi V 5.

Dual sensing control

Dual sensing control senses both humidity and temperature for economical and comfortable operation.

Smart load control

Smart load control manages cooling load by sensing both temperature and humidity to increase energy efficiency.

Comfort cooling

Comfort cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations.

Enhanced heating

Increased heating hour with delay in frosting of heat exchanger due to precise dew point prediction.

An image representing the ultimate inverter compressor of Multi V 5.

Ultimate inverter compressor

Ultimate inverter compressor improves energy efficiency and enhances compressor reliability.

Enhanced bearing with PEEK material

Enhanced bearing with PEEK (polyetheretherketone) material increases durability and reliability of compressor via lubricative bearing material and refined shape.

Vapor injection

Comfort cooling helps maintain operation at mild cooling mode without stopping in between operations.

Smart oil management

Oil sensor runs oil recovery operation only if necessary to increase compressor efficiency. It also balances and manages oil level in both compressors.


HiPOR™ (high pressure oil return) minimizes energy loss with direct oil return.

Image of clean air provided to the office through Multi V 5.

The optimal high-efficiency air quality solution

Install LG ERV alongside Multi V 5 and enjoy energy-saving ventilation. ERV reacts to outdoor temperatures and CO2 levels to provide more efficient heating and cooling.

An image representing the Ocean Black Fin of Multi V 5.

Ocean black fin

This HVAC was designed to perform in harsh enviroments. The ocean black fin heat exchager's corrosion resistance was verified by TÜV after a 10,000 hour test.

An image representing the continuous heating of Multi V 5.

Continuous heating

With delayed defrost via humidity sensor, partial defrost and smart oil management via oil sensor, continuous heating technology has been improved.

An image that expresses the flexible installation of Multi V 5.

Flexible installation with large capacity outdoor unit

With improvements in core parts, MULTI V 5 single outdoor unit can provide large capacity up to 26HP. This allows flexible use of floor space by minimizing installation area and significantly decreasing total installed weights.

Biomimetics technology

Enhanced fans increase air flow rate up to 10% while reducing power consumption up to 20%.

Increased air flow rate

Extended shroud provides higher heat exchanging capacity to increase air flow rate.

4-sided heat exchanger

It improves heat transfer up to 20 which eventually enhances capacity and performance.

An image expressing the spaces where Multi V 5 can be installed as icons.

MULTI V 5 is an applicable solution for

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