Energy Recovery Ventiation Solution (ERV)

LG Ventilation Solution ERV is an efficient solution for fresh indoor air. A variety of energy-saving technologies and air purifying filters allow you to breathe healthier air.

Image of Ventilatoin solution being made in a building.


Natural ventilation can waste energy, but LG ERV provides fresh air from outdoors and reduces polluted indoor air. The ERV saves energy with its heat exchanger, which loses virtually no heating or cooling energy.

An image showing the difference between Natural Ventilation and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV).

Energy saving

Comfort operation


Interlocks with air conditioning system to save energy

ERV works in conjunction with an indoor unit to save energy by operating more efficiently than a ventilation system alone.

Image of an energy-saving and efficient ventilation system in a building.

Energy saving technologies

ERV offers many energy-saving technologies. The heat exchanger saves up to 24% more energy than natural ventilation, and works with other features to provide total energy savings of up to 40%.

Automated seasonal operation

LG ERV senses the outdoor temperature and adjusts operation according to the weather conditions, saving 6.1% more energy annually.

Night time free cooling

LG ERV exhausts indoor heat and supplies cool outdoor air indoors on summer nights to save 5% more energy annually.

*Automated seasonal operation’ on remote control.

*Night time free cooling’ function on remote control.

CO2 auto operation

LG ERV reduces energy loss by 4.6% annually with automatic fan speed control that adapts to CO2 levels.

Suspended operation

LG ERV saves reduces heating and cooling energy loss by 0.9% annually by delaying ERV operation so that the air conditioner and ERV operate simultaneously only when necessary.

*Suspended operation’ function on remote control.

*Based on an LGE internal simulation of an LG air conditioner and LG ERV operating together, the heat exchanger saves up to 24% more energy than natural ventilation and works with other LG ERV features to provide total energy savings of up to 40%. Results may vary depending on the environment. Simulation conditions: Based on ERV (1,000CMH) + Multi V 5 (12hp) / 455m2 office space, cooling 26℃ / heating 21℃, e quest 3.65 / daily operation in winter conditions.

Monitor CO2 levels at any time

A CO2 sensor monitors CO2 levels in the room. The CO2 level is continuously displayed on the screen of the wired remote control, and an alarm indicator appears when levels exceed 900 ppm. The ERV uses this information to automatically control fan speeds.


An image of monitoring CO2 levels indoors.

Air Filtration with Multiple Filters

By installing a basic filter on the front of the total heat exchanger and an ISO grade filter behind the total heat exchanger, inflow of fine dust and pollutants from outdoors is reduced.

*ISO rate air filter is optional.

An image of each filter.

*ISO rate air filter is optional. ISO rating according to ISO 16890:2016.

*The air filter (Model number : AHFT035H0) performance was tested by an ISO 16890-1:2016 Air Filter Test by using DEHS and KCl aerosol with the condition of air flow rate of 0.278 m³/s, air temperature of 23-24 °C and relative humidity of 44-49%. The result was an ISO rating of ePM1 75%. Results may vary depending on the environment.

Control your space’s humidity

LG ERV DX has humidification and dehumidification functions, making it a good match for spaces where you need both temperature and humidity control. Humidity can also be monitored through the wired remote control.

An image of how indoor humidity is managed.

Filter contamination alarm

If dust clogs the filter, an alarm that informs you that the filter is contaminated appears on the remote control screen. You can then replace the filter based on actual contamination levels.

An image of filter contamination alarm.

An icon of a space where ERV solutions are possible.

ERV is an applicable solution for

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