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Connecting composite input device

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Connecting Camcorders and Gaming Devices



Connect TV’scomposite inputdisplay/sound terminals with an external device’s display/sound output

terminal with RCA cables.  When the external device is a mono product, connect TV’s sound (left)/picture

input terminals and video’s sound/picture output terminals.





How To Use


1. Turn on the TV. PressComposite Inputon the remote control.





2. Turn on the external device.




Pressing TV button goes back to TV from the Composite Input screen.



Stereophonic broadcast sound was introduced in televisions in 1984 with the venue of industry standard

adoption of MTS (multi-channel television stereo) sound.

Composite (CVBS) audio video input/output jacks were first introduced in the mid-eighties to accommodate

stereo VCR (video cassette recorder) as most manufacturers were reluctant at duplicating MTS chip and

royalty payment for both TV & VCR.

Do note there is severe resolution limitation from any video source output through composite video and as

such, as TV screen sizes are getting larger and larger featuring Full HD resolution, the picture appearing on

screen will appear rather flawed as there is so much video processing the television can do to improve low

resolution video signal.



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